Elecrow Celebrates 10 Years of Success in Electronics and PCBA Manufacturing

Celebrating a decade of innovation, Elecrow empowers tech enthusiasts globally.

Elecrow, a leading open-source hardware & electronic components supplier and one-stop PCBA turnkey solution provider, celebrates a decade of exceptional service and growth. Founded by Richard Lee and David Zhu, Elecrow’s journey began with a vision to propel the electronic world and a shared spirit of open source.

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From two co-founders to over 150 employees in 2024, Elecrow delivers electronic products and manufacturing services to over 150 countries and cooperates with over 200 distributors, empowering over 100,000 tech-lovers in the world. Dedicated to the mission of Make Your Making Easier, Elecrow's commitment to excellence is evident in the wide offerings of open-source hardware, various series of displays, STEM education products, and electronic products in the field of IoT.

Over the span of 5 years, Elecrow launched several crowdfunding projects, raising $1,000,000. In 2018, Elecrow introduced the first crowdfunding project at Kickstarter, unveiling CrowPi, the compact Raspberry Pi educational kit. CrowPi 2 followed in 2020, igniting another maker craze. Both of CrowPi and CrowPi 2 earned Projects We Love distinction at Kickstarter. In 2021, Elecrow launched Crowbits, the reddot winner, to inspire the next generation of makers. In 2022, GrowCube made its debut, winning the iF Design Award. It's an IoT project designed for plant enthusiasts. In 2023, Elecrow brought CrowView to Kickstarter and CrowVision to CrowdSupply, respectively. Let’s stay tuned for Elecrow's exciting plans for its tenth year in crowdfunding.

Since its inception, it has achieved numerous accolades and milestones, reflecting Elecrow’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Elecrow has also been recognized as a prominent PCBA turnkey solution provider, offering advanced manufacturing services include PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly, conformal coating, final product assembling, flashing, testing, and drop shipping. Backed by ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 certifications, Elecrow’s PCBA and products excel in industrial control, medical devices, communication, smart home systems, and more.

With professional PCBA contract manufacturing experience with SMT, DIP, assembly and testing lines, we deliver end-to-end manufacturing solutions catering from small to bulk orders. With stringent control procedures driven by ERP & MES Management systems, Elecrow ensures PCBA re-order consistency and zero customer complaints.

To propel the vibrant maker community further, Elecrow launched Partner Seller Program last year, offering fully managed operations including manufacturing services, free warehousing, global selling, marketing, and logistics. Equipping tens of thousand of makers with fee-free E-commerce store setup with only a 5% processing fee on sales withdrawals, the Program enables every creative mind profit from their innovations and spare more time in making. Thus, a virtuous innovative cycle generated for makers to chase the reality at the foundation of their electronic dreams.

Reflecting on their journey, the founders expressed gratitude for their friendship, fraternity, and shared vision, which have been the driving forces behind Elecrow's success. As they continue to expand and innovate, Elecrow remains dedicated to its mission of Make Your Making Easier.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Elcrow hosted a special event starting from April 22 to May 22. The event brought together makers, tech-lovers, friends, and cooperators to commemorate a decade of success. As Elecrow looks towards the future, it remains committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and empowering makers globally through creating more technology-driven innovations with comprehensive services from design to volume production.

About Elecrow

Based in Shenzhen, China, Elecrow has been a pioneer in open-source hardware and electronic components for a decade. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing, Elecrow excels in PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing for diverse sectors. Elecrow continues to innovate and empower tech enthusiasts worldwide.

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