Maryland-based Quasi Robotics, a leading provider of artificial intelligence software and robotic solutions, today announced a significant upgrade to its Model C2 Autonomous Material Transport Cart, available for immediate deployment.

The C2’s latest enhancements focus on improved user experience with a new mobile app, as well as equipment upgrades including advanced environmental sensors, faster charging, and a new stereo camera for enhanced localization and mapping. As part of the Q.AI Integrated Automation Platform, the updated Model C2 delivers features tailored to optimize Life Sciences workflows while offering operational benefits across various industries.

Complete features of the elevated Model C2 include:

Software and User Experience Updates:

  • Latest Q.AI Software Version: updated version of Q.AI with user experience enhancements.

  • New Mobile App: total control of the C2 cart from any cellphone, including status reports, environmental sensor readings, and waypoint navigation.

  • Upgraded Touchscreen: brighter, larger 8-inch display with capacitive touch.

  • Enhanced Area Mapping: visualization of area maps and waypoints, and ability to share area maps between multiple Model C2s.

Navigation and Performance Upgrades:

  • Enhanced Precision: doubled Time-of-Flight sensors for precise navigation and sensing.

  • Instant Localization: upgraded stereo camera enables rapid positioning and continuous map updates.

  • Increased Uptime: enhanced 5A battery reduces charging time to 4 hours.

  • Expanded LiDAR Selection: LiDAR options available for mapping and navigating areas now include sizes of 30, 60, and 100 meters wide.

Customization and Efficiency Enhancements:

  • Tailored Build: available industry-specific plastic trays for customized material organization on all three Model C2 shelves.

  • Faster and Greener: new ARM-based CPUs for faster start-up times and lower power consumption.

“We are very proud of the technology Quasi Robotics has developed for the updated Model C2," said Vlad Lebedev, CEO of Quasi Robotics. "AMRs must react instantly to environmental changes, so precise sensing of their surroundings is crucial. The updated Model C2 is one of the first AMRs in the world to feature a 1024-array infrared sensor system; and we’ve redesigned our own electronic boards and microcontrollers to make sure that C2 can operate in very tight spaces.”

The Model C2 is designed for cross-industry use while directly supporting a wide range of Life Science applications. C2 excels at handling on-demand deliveries of lab supplies, ensuring the safe transport of sensitive samples and reagents, and automating waste disposal. Furthermore, its ability to navigate complex laboratory layouts and integrate with existing automation systems make it a valuable asset for biobanking support, assisting in high-throughput screening, and streamlining animal and pharmaceutical research workflows. Model C2 also benefits healthcare, logistics, and warehousing, by automating material transport tasks to increase productivity and optimize resources.

The C2 update delivers significant upgrades without impacting price to maximizing facility investment value.

For full Model C2 Technical Specifications, please visit: https://www.quasi.ai/c2-cart/

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