Why Do Golfers Wear Golf Gloves?

Wearing golf gloves not only improves your grip while making a swing, but also protect your hands from blisters and fatigues

Have you ever considered why golfers wear golf gloves, even though it’s not required to play? The simplest answer to this question is that wearing golf gloves provides extra grip and helps you with a perfect swing.

After a bit of research, I have shared several other reasons why golfers wear golf gloves, and specifically only one while playing golf.

3 Reasons Why Golfers Wear Golf Gloves

To maintain a proper golf dress code, several pro golfers consider wearing a pair of golf gloves. Below, I have shared other reasons you should know about:

1 - Provides Better Grip And Control

The first common reason for wearing a golf glove is to get a better grip and control over the swings. During the hot summer season, you may get sweaty hands that result in twisting the club and losing a chance of hitting a perfect shot.

But by wearing a golf glove, you can master the control of the club to make sure this won’t happen during a Pro Tour. Even though you don’t plan to compete in professional tournaments of golf, you can still amp up your golfing experience with more control over your shot.

2 - Reduce Hand Fatigue

You may not be a regular golf player who likes to spend his time every day while playing golf. But, for the times when you decide to play golf, I’m quite sure you spend a couple of hours playing golf after a week or two.

However, if your hands are not habitual with playing golf or carrying the equipment, they can become fatigued and may result in tiredness or soreness. By wearing a golf glove, you can play golf at ease without any hassle.

Some top-quality golf gloves come with an extra padding system that provides remarkable comfort by reducing the vibration to your hands. The satisfaction of breathability between the fingers prevents sweating and helps you focus on the game only.

3 - It Prevents Blisters

Whether you are playing golf for a long time or just getting started, encountering the problem of blisters is common for golf players. This mostly happens when you grip your club tightly, repeating the golf swing motion.

At this point, wearing golf gloves provides an extra layer of protection and makes sure that your hands are safe, and protected.

Why Do Golfers Wear Only One Glove?

It’s clear that to improve your grip on the club and to add an extra layer of protection from hand fatigue or blisters, wearing golf gloves is essential. But, have you ever wondered why golfers wear only one glove?

Although the reason is pretty much the same, you don’t need to wear two golf gloves for extra grip. For instance, as a left-handed golf player, it’s not essential to grip your golf club too tight because your second-hand acts mostly as a stabilizer.

Also in the hot summer season, no one will want to wear two gloves while playing under the sun. Golf players like Grant Horvat, Bubba Watson, & Xander Schauffele with millions of net worth can be seen wearing only one glove which clarifies our point here.


Wearing golf gloves not only improves your grip while making a swing, but also protect your hands from blisters and fatigues. Make sure that you get the golf gloves that define the industry standards and do not opt for cheap options.

Whether you’re a regular golf player who just likes to swing after a week or a professional player, wearing these gloves are beneficial but not mandatory.

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