Dr. Curtis Henderson: Dancing Through Dentistry

Dr. Curtis Henderson speaks on his passion for dentistry and dance.

In the realm of healthcare, Dr. Curtis Henderson stands out with a blend of artistry and expertise. Trained at Marquette in Wisconsin for dental school and Harvard for his residency, his path is marked by an unusual blend of passions and professions.

"Dancing is a huge part of my life," Dr. Henderson recalled.

After a high school talent show led him to a part-time job as a ballroom dance instructor, he found that the confidence and precision required in dance paralleled the demands of dentistry.

"My default is to be introverted, but dancing brought me completely out of my comfort zone. Dentistry does the same."

His professional journey took an unconventional route. Initially eyeing medical school, a conversation with an orthodontist dance student steered him towards dentistry.

"It was a moment of clarity. Dentistry offered a blend of diagnostic and surgical roles that appealed to me," he said.

After dental school, Dr. Henderson managed a non-profit dental clinic, an experience that deepened his understanding of public health needs.

"Running the non-profit was an eye opening experience. There are so many people with unmet basic dental needs. This problem is exacerbated by the separation of dental and medical care in this country,” he mentioned. “This realization is something I carry into my practice every day."

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Henderson maintains a rich personal life.

"I play tennis, a passion since middle school, and spend my downtime hiking with my two Australian Shepherds," he noted.

Meanwhile, his culinary skills, something he used during college to make extra money, have evolved into a beloved hobby.

Reflecting on his professional philosophy, Dr. Henderson noted, "My experiences have taught me the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone if you want to continue to grow.”

In his clinic, these experiences translate into a unique patient experience.

"Whether it’s a smile makeover or implant surgery, I bring the same focus and precision I learned from dancing,” Dr. Henderson emphasized. “It's about creating harmony, both in aesthetics and function."

On being recognized as a community leader, Dr. Henderson humbly shares, "While I was running the non-profit, I was selected amongst a group of fifteen community leaders for Madison’s 'Most Influential' feature. It was an honor and a reminder of the impact we can have on our community."

As he reflects on his journey, Dr. Henderson sees his diverse experiences not as separate paths but as interconnected facets of his identity:

"Whether I'm teaching a dance class or crafting a perfect smile, I try to take my work seriously but not myself. It's all about finding joy and fulfillment in every aspect of life."

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