Dr. Priya Sridhar: Debunking Dental Myths with Expertise and Empathy

Dr. Priya Sridhar debunks common dental myths and shares her expertise.

In the world of dentistry, Dr. Priya Sridhar stands out not just for her clinical skills but for her dedication to educating patients, especially when it comes to smile makeovers and cosmetic procedures.

In her practice, Dr. Sridhar often confronts misconceptions about cosmetic dental procedures, emphasizing their significant, yet frequently overlooked, benefits beyond mere aesthetics.

"I frequently encounter attitudes such as 'I'm too old for this,' or 'It's too expensive,' and 'My teeth aren’t in bad shape enough for a makeover,'" she explained. “People also wrongly believe that we will significantly grind down teeth for veneers, that it is a painful procedure, and that the veneers look unnatural or fake, all of which is resoundingly untrue.”

She emphasizes that misinformation often stems from a lack of accurate knowledge and media portrayals that equate smile makeovers with celebrity culture.

Reflecting on a memorable patient interaction, Dr. Sridhar shared, "A young woman believed she wasn't a candidate for a smile makeover because her teeth weren’t 'bad enough.' She only sought advice after a friend’s positive experience."

This incident underscores how misconceptions can prevent patients from exploring beneficial dental options, which can be concerning as early treatment in dentistry can often prevent further complications and more expensive procedures.

"These myths can lead to delayed treatment and missed opportunities for early intervention," Dr. Sridhar pointed out.

She also noted that misconceptions can significantly impact self-confidence and quality of life, as patients might avoid social interactions or hide their smiles.

In her practice, Dr. Sridhar tackles these challenges head-on.

"I focus on education and personalized treatment plans," she said. “My approach includes using visual aids, discussing financial options, setting realistic expectations, and addressing dental anxiety with options like sedation dentistry.”

Dr. Sridhar is driven by the transformations she witnesses.

"The moment a patient sees their new smile for the first time, it’s precious," she shared. "It’s about helping patients overcome self-consciousness and achieve a smile they're proud of."

On choosing a dental professional for cosmetic procedures, Dr. Sridhar advised, "Look for someone who invests in continuing education and is willing to show their work. It’s about expertise, artistry, and a commitment to exceptional results."

Concluding her thoughts, Dr. Sridhar emphasized, "My passion comes from a genuine commitment to patient care and education. Everyone deserves a smile they’re proud of."

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