Clearing The Air Around Good-To-Person And Person-To-Goods AMRs

Clearing The Air Around Good-To-Person And Person-To-Goods AMRs

The monumental change in the world of technology has brought about a revolution in multiple spheres, including the warehousing and manufacturing sectors. An invention worth mentioning is Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). The AMR robots offer greater flexibility and scalability to the goods-to-people (G2P) picking system.

Good-to-people AMR robots are designed to handle different sizes and types of products, making this picking system more flexible and accurate.

G2P AMRs are highly adaptable for different warehouse configurations. Businesses can add or remove them anyday according to the company's operational requirements.

What are AMRs?

An autonomous mobile robot can move around by itself and figure out where it's going. Unlike its predecessor robots, which need tracks or set paths (autonomous guided vehicles), these can wander independently. They have special sensors and smart technology to help them see and understand their surroundings. So, if they bump into something unexpected, like a box or a bunch of people, they can slow down or go around it and keep doing their job.

Although the technology is relatively new, AMRs have already been branched into multiple types.

Goods to Person AMR

Goods-to-person AMRs are where goods come to the workers. The AMRs are instructed to find a specific product on the shelves. They go under the shelves, lift them, and then take the shortest route to the pick station.

There's a line of AMRs with shelves ready for picking at the pick stations. The AMR moves into position, and a system called pick-to-light tells the operator which product and how many to choose. The operator then puts the correct product and amount into the open orders at their station. While they do this, the AMR moves away, and a new one comes up, ensuring there's always a task ready for the operator.

Person to Goods AMR

Person-to-goods AMRs are made to help employees in warehouse or retail environments by carrying products from shelves to a predetermined pickup location. In this arrangement, the AMRs function as smart carts, meeting the workers at the pickup location to deliver the items after manually selecting them for the orders. The AMRs then move things to different areas, minimizing the amount of foot traffic and enabling employees to concentrate on particular areas of the building.

Comparison Between Person-To-Goods AMRs And Goods-To-Person AMR

It is quite evident from the two definitions that both types of AMRs increase productivity.

Pickup rate: The pickup rate is an important metric in warehouses. Person-to-Goods AMRs typically achieve pick rates ranging from 100 to 200 Units Per Hour (UPH), whereas goods-to-person AMR (G2P) solutions generally maintain average pick rates of around 350 UPH.

Warehouse walking: In PTG AMR systems, workers typically walk through the warehouse aisles to manually select items for orders. The AMRs in this setup assist workers by transporting items from shelves to a designated pickup point.

On the other hand, in goods-to-person AMR systems, the AMRs navigate through the warehouse to retrieve items based on predefined orders. Workers remain stationed at pick stations, and the AMRs bring the necessary items directly to them. This setup minimizes the need for workers to walk through the warehouse aisles to pick items.

Why Should You Have AMRs In Your Warehouse?

It increases workers' safety: Many warehouses use AMRs for tasks that could be harmful or impossible for human workers. For example, AMRs might clean and disinfect warehouse spaces, transport hazardous materials, or carry heavy loads. They can also work in extreme conditions where it would be unsafe for people to work.

AMRs enhance flexibility. They can figure out and react to their surroundings while doing many different tasks, all without someone watching them closely. They use fancy technology to understand and adjust to changes in where they're working.

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