Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: How AI Empowers Small Businesses to Compete Against Giants

Revolutionizing Digital Marketing: How AI Empowers Small Businesses to Compete Against Giants

For small businesses and entrepreneurs, finding the budget to compete with large corporations when it comes to marketing has always been a challenge. According to a study, large corporations hold a staggering advantage, often outspending their smaller counterparts by up to 500 times on marketing efforts. This vast disparity poses a significant challenge for small businesses striving to compete in the digital arena.

Times are changing, however, and many entrepreneurs are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to level up their marketing programs. Small businesses and startups, once overshadowed by larger companies with massive ad budgets, can now utilize AI-driven strategies to optimize their marketing efforts, drive engagement, and create a competitive advantage.

Recognizing the opportunities available through AI technology, entrepreneur Jonathan Bodnar wanted to make it easier for growing businesses to tap into this technology and drive revenue growth. A successful founder in the SAAS and digital marketing industries, Bodnar utilized AI to market a fintech startup he launched in 2018. After a successful exit in 2020, he sought better ways to help small businesses navigate emerging technologies and leverage them in their growth efforts.

With the recent advancements in Generative AI and Bodnar’s experience building and scaling software applications, a vision was born for a quality, autonomous marketing solution. The result is, a platform developed by Bodnar to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs with AI-driven marketing solutions paired with high-end human management. offers small businesses and entrepreneurs access to cutting-edge marketing tools previously reserved for larger corporations. With intuitive features and robust analytics, users can make data-driven decisions and achieve measurable success in their marketing endeavors. To date, Bodnar has received thousands of requests for service from entrepreneurs and small business owners, making one of the fastest-growing companies of its kind.

Dwayne Stoltzfus, former CEO of national home security company Smith Monitoring, was one of’s earliest clients. In 2013, Smith Monitoring faced a formidable challenge when a flood of large telecom companies entered the industry and began running aggressive online advertising campaigns. Within a short period, Smith's cost per acquisition doubled, putting immense pressure on the company's profitability.

Out of necessity, Stoltzfus developed a software solution that leveraged AI to revolutionize the security company's digital marketing efforts. This innovative platform integrated seamlessly with Google AdWords, generating over 2 million keywords and performing over 10,000 bid adjustments per week. Smith Monitoring regained its competitive edge, driving down acquisition costs and ultimately leading to Smith’s acquisition by the Fortune 500 energy company NRG.

Reflecting on his experience, Stoltzfus emphasizes the importance of AI in leveling the playing field for small businesses. "Businesses that learn to leverage AI will have a competitive advantage,” he says. “It’s a crucial step in standing out from the crowd and ensuring they’re capable of beating out companies with larger marketing budgets."

After several months as a client, the potential was obvious to Stoltzfus, who invested in the company and joined its Board of Directors. In addition to capital, he brings his firsthand experience of growing and scaling a business through AI technologies. With an eye toward the future, both Bodnar and Stoltzfus look forward to making this technology even more accessible to small businesses and startups and encouraging their success.

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