Why Choose Egoboo for Your Audio Post Production Needs?

Crafting Soundscapes: Egoboo Studio Sets the Bar for Professional Audio Services"


Welcome to Egoboo, the premier recording studio for professional audio post-production services in Dublin, Ireland. With a legacy spanning over a decade, Egoboo stands as a testament to excellence, offering excellent services in voice-over recording, sound mixing, jingle composition, and more. Situated in the heart of Dublin, Egoboo has been a trusted partner for actors and content creators, providing a conducive environment for unleashing creativity. Let's delve into what makes Egoboo the go-to choice for all your audio production needs.

Dublin, Ireland, is not just known for its scenic beauty and rich history, but also for housing some of the finest audio post-production studios. Among these, Egoboo stands out as a premium choice for anyone seeking the best services in the realm of audio production and post-production. Established in 2005, Egoboo has garnered a stellar reputation for its exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Why Choose Egoboo?

Centrally Located Excellence

Egoboo strategically nestles in the vibrant city of Dublin, Ireland, serving as a hub for artistic endeavors. Its central location ensures easy accessibility for clients from all corners, facilitating seamless collaborations and hassle-free sessions. Situated amidst the cultural richness of Dublin, Egoboo offers more than just a studio; it provides an inspiring backdrop for creative minds to thrive. Experience the pinnacle of creativity with our Professional Audio Post Production services at Egoboo Recording Studio in Dublin.

Proven Track Record Since 2005

With a journey spanning nearly two decades, Egoboo has established itself as a pioneer in the audio post-production landscape. Since its inception in 2005, Egoboo has continually raised the bar, setting industry standards for quality and innovation. Over the years, Egoboo has garnered accolades and built enduring relationships, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

Five-Star Google Rating

At Egoboo, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. The studio boasts a stellar five-star rating on Google, a reflection of its dedication to delivering exceptional service. Client testimonials speak volumes about the professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail that define every interaction at Egoboo. With a client-centric approach, Egoboo strives not just to meet but exceed expectations, earning the trust and loyalty of its clientele.

Ideal Studio for Actors

For actors immersed in the bustling film industry of Ireland, Egoboo emerges as a sanctuary of creativity. With a roster of state-of-the-art facilities and seasoned professionals, Egoboo offers actors the perfect space to hone their craft. Whether recording voice-overs, ADR Sessions, or recording video game dialogue, actors find a haven at Egoboo, enabling them to pursue diverse projects without the need for extensive travel.

Services Offered

Voice-Over Recording in Dublin

Egoboo specializes in professional voice-over recording, providing a platform for artists to breathe life into characters and narratives. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and acoustically optimized spaces, Egoboo ensures pristine audio quality and unparalleled clarity in every recording. A source connect studio in Dublin specializing in voice-over recording.

Sound Mixing for TV

With expertise in sound mixing for television, Egoboo adds depth and richness to audiovisual productions. Whether it's enhancing dialogue clarity, balancing sound effects, or crafting immersive soundscapes, Egoboo elevates the viewing experience through meticulous attention to detail. Egoboo can mix to any required standard e.g. R-128.

Jingle Composition by Greg Malocca

Renowned composer Greg Malocca lends his talent to Egoboo, crafting captivating jingles that resonate with audiences. From catchy melodies to memorable lyrics, Greg infuses each composition with creativity and flair, helping brands leave a lasting impression in the competitive advertising landscape.

A Source Connect Studio in Dublin

In an era of global connectivity, Egoboo stays ahead of the curve with Source Connect. Seamlessly link up AVID Pro Tools sessions with clients and collaborators worldwide, bridging distances and facilitating real-time collaboration with uncompromised audio quality.

ADR Studio in Dublin

For seamless audio dubbing and dialogue replacement, Egoboo offers a state-of-the-art ADR studio. Whether rectifying on-set audio imperfections or dubbing foreign language dialogue, Egoboo ensures synchronicity and authenticity, preserving the integrity of the original production.

Audiobook Production

Understanding the power of storytelling and the importance of delivering high-quality audio experiences is key to Egoboo’s success. Their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing your words to life through expert recording, editing, and mastering services. Whether you're an author looking to narrate your own book or a publisher seeking top-notch production for your latest release, Egoboo has the expertise and pro facilities to exceed your expectations for audiobook production. From selecting the perfect voice talent to ensuring crystal-clear sound quality, they handle every aspect of the recording process with precision and care. With Egoboo, you can trust that your audiobook will captivate listeners and leave a lasting impression.

Centrally Located Excellence

Situated in the heart of Dublin, Egoboo enjoys a strategic location that makes it easily accessible to clients from all corners of the city. Whether you're a local artist or a global brand, the studio's central location ensures convenience and ease of access, saving you valuable time and effort.

Years of Experience and Trust

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, Egoboo has honed its craft to perfection. Since its inception, the studio has been catering to the diverse needs of its clients with unparalleled expertise and professionalism. Over the years, Egoboo has built enduring relationships with artists, producers, and advertising agencies, earning their trust and admiration.

Exceptional Reputation

Egoboo takes immense pride in its pristine track record, boasting a remarkable 5-star rating on Google Reviews. This glowing testament to the studio's excellence reflects the unparalleled quality of its services and the unwavering satisfaction of its clientele. When you choose Egoboo, you're not just investing in audio production; you're investing in a legacy of excellence and reliability.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Egoboo offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. From voice-over recording to sound mixing for TV and radio, the studio covers a wide spectrum of audio post-production requirements with finesse and precision. Whether you need to record a radio commercial, compose a catchy jingle, or design immersive soundscapes, Egoboo has you covered.

Convenience for Actors in Ireland

For actors currently filming or working in Ireland, Egoboo serves as a haven of convenience and efficiency. With state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, the studio enables actors to work on additional projects without the need for extensive travel. This not only saves time and resources but also allows actors to seamlessly juggle multiple commitments with ease.


In conclusion, Egoboo stands as a beacon of excellence in the audio post-production landscape, offering a harmonious blend of expertise, innovation, and client-centricity. From its central location in Dublin to its stellar track record and diverse service offerings, Egoboo continues to set the standard for audio excellence. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring artist, Egoboo welcomes you to embark on a transformative journey of creativity and collaboration.

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