Ann Marshall Photography: Prioritizing Safety and Comfort in Newborn Photography Sessions

Safety and comfort are paramount in newborn photography. Ann Marshall Photography ensures these elements are integrated into every session alongside capturing timeless memories.

Every newborn, from their round bellies to their tiny toes and smooth skin, embodies perfection, and Ann Marshall Photography recognizes the importance of capturing these precious early moments. Known as a leading Portland maternity photographer, Ann Marshall commits to not only photographing these details but also ensuring the highest safety standards during sessions.

The practice of newborn photography requires more than a keen eye for adorable moments; it demands rigorous safety protocols. At Ann Marshall Photography, sessions are meticulously planned to prioritize the baby's well-being and comfort. Before indulging in the art of photography, the team ensures that the environment is safe and welcoming for the newborn.

The safety measures begin with strict hygiene. Photographers perform thorough hand washing upon entering a session at a client's home or studio. This is essential after any setup adjustments and before any direct interaction with the newborn. Additionally, hand sanitizer is readily available and used frequently to mitigate health risks.

Recognizing that newborns can have unpredictable movements, constant vigilance is essential. Ann Marshall Photography ensures that a baby is never left unattended. If a photographer cannot be within arm's reach, a parent or guardian is asked to stay close to provide the necessary support.

Posing newborns also involves considerable care. The team at Ann Marshall Photography tailors poses to each baby’s comfort, favoring natural positions that do not strain the baby. The photographers are trained to support the baby’s neck and back during the session, avoiding any unnatural bending or positions that could harm the baby’s development.

Communication with parents is key, and the team ensures parents understand the limitations and safety considerations of newborn photography. This includes discussing the feasibility of certain popular poses and the potential use of Photoshop to safely achieve desired effects.

Prop safety is another critical focus. Only secure, baby-friendly props are used, and they are always cushioned with soft, clean materials to protect the baby from any potential discomfort or injury. The studio is also diligent about ensuring that all photographic equipment, like cameras and lights, are securely mounted to avoid accidents.

Ann Marshall, both a newborn and Portland maternity photographer, believes that creating beautiful portraits of parents and their little ones should happen in a fun, relaxing, and above all, safe environment. Her extensive training in newborn safety and posing, combined with her personal experience from over 900 photography sessions, sets her apart as a trusted name in newborn photography.

Studio sessions at Ann Marshall Photography are designed to be stress-free for parents. They need only bring their newborns while the studio handles all props, outfits, and accessories. The photographer's minimalist and classic style captures the essence of the newborn and the family’s joy, focusing on intimate moments and the beautiful beginnings of new family dynamics.

About Ann Marshall Photography

Ann Marshall, a mother of four with eight years in the professional photography business, specializes in capturing the unique moments of family life. Her dedication to safety and quality in newborn photography has earned her recognition and features in prominent publications like Hey Beauti and pdx|parent.

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