Russian Math Tutors Unveils Innovative "Build Your Own Math" Program, Offering Student-Centered Approach to Learning

Russian Math Tutors Unveils Innovative "Build Your Own Math" Program, Offering Student-Centered Approach to Learning

 Russian Math Tutors (RMT), a leading online learning platform and tutoring service, has unveiled its innovative Build Your Own Math (BYOM) program. This English-language, structured curriculum provides a flexible and student-centered approach to mathematics education, drawing on the rich mathematical traditions of Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Combining Tradition with Technology

RMT offers a comprehensive suite of educational resources, including a curated selection of tutors for one-on-one and small-group learning. The company's online Russian Math Student Portal,, empowers students and parents to find the perfect tutor, schedule free trials, and access an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) featuring a virtual learning environment and a digital whiteboard.

The BYOM Difference

The BYOM program goes beyond traditional rote memorization, emphasizing conceptual understanding and independent learning. Inspired by the work of renowned Russian mathematician Ludmila Peterson, BYOM encourages students to explore and discover mathematical concepts with a tutor's guidance. The program's core principles include:

  • Student-Centered Learning: Students actively participate in their learning journey, fostering a deeper understanding through exploration and independent problem-solving.

  • Problem-Based Approach: Challenging problems encourage critical thinking and independent solutions, developing valuable skills applicable beyond math.

  • Conceptual Understanding: The program prioritizes understanding the "why" behind mathematical concepts, not just memorizing formulas.

  • Essential Skills Development: BYOM equips students with perseverance, creativity, and independent learning skills that can be applied to various academic and real-world challenges.

A Flexible and Accessible Curriculum

RMT provides complimentary downloadable ebooks based on Peterson's original works for various grade levels. The first 20 lessons of each grade are readily available online, allowing students to explore the BYOM approach before committing.

RMT Offers Online Assessment Results to Place Students

Online Assessments for Grades 1-8 are also available. RMT recommends that the students take the assessment one grade below the US grade level, as the BYOM program is at least one year ahead of most US curriculums. Assessment results are automatically sent to each tutor and saved in the student’s profile.

Tailored Instruction and Personalized Learning

Individualized tutoring sessions form the core of BYOM. Tutors leverage the workbooks while customizing instruction to each student's needs and learning pace. Formal and informal assessments ensure progress is tracked, allowing tutors to tailor their approach for optimal learning outcomes.

Unlocking Potential

By participating in the BYOM program, students stand to gain:

  • A strong foundation in mathematical concepts

  • Enhanced problem-solving and critical thinking skills

  • Development of self-learning capabilities

  • Improved preparation for math competitions

Finding the Right Fit

While BYOM offers a compelling approach, finding a skilled and compatible tutor is crucial. RMT's vetted tutors are thoroughly versed in the BYOM philosophy and can effectively connect with each student.

Learn More

Contact Russian Math Tutors directly to learn more about the BYOM program, including costs, scheduling options, and detailed curriculum information. Additionally, exploring online resources and user reviews can provide valuable insights into the program's effectiveness.

Russian Math Tutors encourages further research into Lyudmila Peterson's work to gain a broader understanding of the pedagogical principles underlying the BYOM program.

About Russian Math Tutors

Russian Math Tutors (RMT) is a comprehensive online learning platform and tutoring service specializing in a unique, student-centered approach to mathematics education. RMT offers a curated selection of tutors, an online marketplace platform, and the innovative BYOM program, empowering students to build a strong foundation in math while developing essential skills for academic success and beyond.

RMT Also Offers Lessons in Other Subjects

Besides BYOM Russian Math, RMT offers instructions in over 100 other subjects, including math, science, computer programming, languages, and engineering. RMT tutors prepare students for all major US and International Olympiads, such as AMC 8-12, AIME, USAMO, USAJMO, IMO, and many others. Students can purchase and book private or group lessons directly on the platform.


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