The Sandbox and Bitkub Team Up to Enhance SEA Metaverse Hub

The Sandbox partners with Bitkub Blockchain to bring their metaverse into The Sandbox, creating a Southeast Asian hub.

The Sandbox, a pioneering decentralized gaming virtual world and blockchain-based platform, is embarking on an innovative partnership with Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., a leading blockchain network in Thailand. Together, they aim to extend the reach of Bitkub Metaverse into The Sandbox, establishing a metaverse hub that promises users a diverse range of experiences drawn from popular characters within the Bitkub Metaverse.

This collaboration marks a significant leap forward in digital interaction, blending The Sandbox’s blockchain gaming technology with Bitkub’s industry expertise. By interconnecting well-known characters from Bitkub Metaverse, this partnership enhances interoperability and unlocks new dimensions of immersive experiences for users, empowering them to explore the metaverse fully.

“We are proud to welcome Thailand’s leading Web3 and blockchain network, alongside Bitkub Metaverse,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “Together, we aim to open new opportunities in the metaverse and empower creators and users across the region, fostering creativity, innovation, and economic empowerment.”

Passakorn Pannok, CEO of Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., said, “We are delighted to join forces with The Sandbox. This collaboration is a great opportunity to expand to global users and strengthen a dynamic digital blockchain ecosystem that empowers users to explore the blockchain gaming world of creativity and economic opportunity.”

About Bitkub

Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading blockchain network, is the Metaverse Manager of Bitkub Metaverse, a virtual world that provides a range of activities for users. They can meet their friends at various places, such as popular landmarks, scaling buildings, and exploring diverse structures. One of its unique features is the integration of blockchain and digital assets worldwide. This allows for transactions like buying NFTs to take place within the platform. The vision of Bitkub Metaverse is to build a virtual world where users can enjoy their interactive virtual life, which can make everyone happy, have fun, relax, and extend their ability with various digital assets. Bitkub Metaverse was built as part of the vast metaverse named “XRB Galaxy”, which stands for “Extended Reality and Beyond”, with the potential for limitless expansion across the universe. Advanced technology will be utilized to develop the XRB Galaxy, consisting of multiple planets, including the Bitkub Metaverse.

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