ScreenCloud’s New Report Highlights the Benefits of Digital Signage

A new ScreenCloud report states nearly nine out of ten leaders say digital signage improves productivity, discussing its impact on employee communication and overall business productivity.

ScreenCloud, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, has released its new report, State of Digital Signage Report 2023-2024. The report highlights how digital signage boosts productivity, its current impact on businesses, and how organizations can use it to obtain valuable information.

Digital signage can be a great solution if you are looking for ways to improve engagement and communications and ultimately elevate your brand experience. Capturing and maintaining attention in today’s market is challenging. However, digital signage has been changing how businesses connect with their audience.

ScreenCloud’s recent study has shown that digital signage has some undeniable benefits for businesses. This report contains data analyzed from a survey conducted among 2400 decision-makers and deskless workers in the US and UK. The survey explores a range of topics to help you understand the benefits of digital signage for your business.

“Digital signage is rapidly evolving from a good-to-have to a must-have tool for businesses of all sizes,” says Jayne Liggett, Chief Customer Officer of ScreenCloud. “Our new report provides some of the most important and needful data on how organizations are using digital signage to achieve their strategic goals.”

Nearly 9 out of 10 leaders say digital signage improves productivity. The report reveals a resounding vote of confidence in digital signage, with almost 90% of business leaders confirming it boosts productivity.

But how exactly does digital signage achieve this number? It’s simple: Digital signage eliminates the need for static posters and outdated information displays. Instead of rushing to print new flyers every time, there’s an update, you can simply make changes to your digital signage network in real time. This results in increased productivity, saved time, and a more organized workflow for your team.

Even though boosting productivity is the main advantage of digital signage, it has many other benefits that empower businesses. Businesses can attract their audiences with dynamic and visually appealing content. Digital signage helps showcase product demonstrations, customer testimonials, and eye-catching promotional offers to keep customers engaged and informed.

Using digital signage as a central communication tool makes ensuring everyone is on the same page easier. Businesses can easily share important company announcements, updates on policies, training materials, safety protocols, and upcoming events with digital signage. This will build a culture of transparency and informed decision-making within the organization.

Businesses can create a lasting impression with a modern and sophisticated brand image. On digital signage, they can display their brand logo, brand colors, and messaging in an eye-catching manner. This strengthens brand recognition and creates a better customer experience.

A well-designed digital signage strategy can also impact sales and revenue generation. By showcasing targeted advertising and promotional content, businesses can capture customer attention, drive product interest, and ultimately boost sales.

“The findings are clear,” says Jayne Liggett, Chief Customer Officer of ScreenCloud. “Digital signage is no longer a luxury, but a strategic investment for businesses wanting to optimize communication, empower employees and achieve their goals.”

ScreenCloud’s new report is a valuable resource for businesses, especially those just starting out. Retail stores, hospitals and clinics, corporate offices, and even educational institutes can use digital signage to share, announce, and instruct.

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