A Study by Headway Reveals: Lack of Motivation and Focus Impedes Over 4 in 5 US Adults at Work

A Study by Headway Reveals: Lack of Motivation and Focus Impedes Over 4 in 5 US Adults at Work

A recent study by Headway, the world’s most downloaded book summary app, highlights a critical issue affecting the modern workforce: lack of motivation and focus. The survey, which polled over 400,000 Americans, reveals that an overwhelming majority of US adults struggle with concentration, impeding their productivity at work and professional growth. Headway partnered with Nir Eyal, the author of the nonfiction bestseller Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life, to define the background to this issue.

What are the causes of lacking concentration at work?

According to Headway’s research, 70% of US adults identified motivation as the primary area they wish to improve. A huge 89% of respondents claimed that they value self-development but lack the motivation to focus on it effectively. These findings underscore a broader challenge many adults face in today's fast-paced environment.

The inability to concentrate hampers acquiring new skills, career advancement, and overall emotional well-being. Stress levels contribute significantly to this issue, with Gallup reporting that 50% of Americans have experienced stress during most of their day recently. Additionally, the American Psychological Association notes that 67% of US adults aged 18-34 claim stress impacts their ability to focus.

Why don’t to-do lists help boost productivity?

Nir Eyal, a prominent expert on focus, psychology, and productivity and the author of Indistractable, provides insights into workplace distractions. Eyal emphasizes that internal emotions such as fatigue, stress, and boredom are the main culprits and explains: “90% of distractions come from within. It's crucial to decide in advance what we will do and when and not let ourselves get persuaded by our emotions in the minute.”

You Gov states that over 70% of Americans believe that to-do lists increase productivity. However, Nir Eyal points out that a to-do list is a productivity killer. It does not specify the processes behind a particular task, outlining only the desired results. People who rely exclusively on to-do lists can easily get distracted by social media, emails, or Slack notifications, often switching their focus.

Five steps to reduce distractions at work

Nir Eyal offers the following approaches to enhance focus in the workplace:

1. Forget the “Learn to Say No” Cliché

Popular productivity advice suggests applying a “saying no” approach to filter tasks, but this is not always feasible, especially in the workplace. Instead, prioritize tasks through schedule synchronization.

2. Fill in the Time Box Calendar

Plan your weekly schedule, allocating separate time slots to tasks such as checking emails, attending meetings, upskilling, and working on specific projects. Anything you aim to achieve at work should be on your calendar: if you strive to acquire new knowledge, schedule learning.

3. Discuss Workflow With Your Boss

Present your time box calendar to your manager. Open communication about your schedule addresses your boss's curiosity about how you spend your time, highlights the link between your current goals and workflow, and fosters understanding.

4. Polish Priorities Together

Share a list of tasks causing scheduling conflicts and overload, and seek your manager's guidance on prioritization.

5. Allocate Time for Focused Work

Designate specific slots dedicated to focused work in your calendar and inform your boss when you need uninterrupted time.

As society continues to grapple with the challenges of modern work environments, addressing issues of motivation and focus becomes increasingly imperative. Instead of relying on to-do lists to supercharge work productivity, employees should prioritize self-awareness and effective planning through a time-box calendar. By implementing proactive time management strategies, individuals pave the way for self-development, enhanced performance, and greater resilience.


About Headway:

Headway is the world's most downloaded book summary app. It offers 15-minute text and audio summaries of nonfiction bestsellers, as well as daily insights and gamified challenges. Headway received the Editor's Choice award from the App Store and regularly hits the US App Store home screen as App of the Day.

About Nir Eyal:

Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He is the author of Indistractable, a global bestseller on mastering attention that was recognized by the Outstanding Works of Literature Award. Nir is famous for his science-based insights into habits, productivity, and focus.

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