Spectrum Eval: Setting New Standards in QME Services for California Physicians

Spectrum Eval

Spectrum Eval enhances QME services with strategic analysis, office placement, schedule management, QME training, and expert med-legal consultants.

Spectrum Eval, a pioneering QME practice management company, is revolutionizing the delivery of its QME services through an advanced digital platform. Our company empowers healthcare professionals with comprehensive insight, enabling them to streamline their QME cases all in one place.

Leveraging the Power for Enhanced Clinical Decision-Making

Our platform transforms the evaluation workflow, allowing physicians to focus their expertise on strategic aspects of case management. We create a seamless process from start to finish, making it as simple as possible for doctors to elevate their QME earnings.

"Spectrum Eval is dedicated to revolutionizing QME services by providing top-notch mentorship and creating innovative solutions. Our goal is to simplify the QME process, allowing Physicians to focus on what they do best—delivering impartial MedLegal considerations that answer all the attorney's requests," said Katherine Ruggiero, Director of Business Development at Spectrum Eval. “Our full suite of services ensures that every aspect of QME management is handled efficiently and effectively. Our doctors don’t work for us, we work for them. When their QME practice thrives, we know we've accomplished our goal."

A Comprehensive Suite of QME Services

The company offers a full suite of QME services to support Orthopaedic Surgeons throughout their QME journey. These services include:

  • Strategic Analysis: Our experts help you develop a personalized strategy for your med-legal practice, considering your market opportunities and goals.
  • Office Placement & Management: We utilize a proprietary system that leverages data points to ensure you are strategically positioned in the busiest office locations.
  • Schedule Management, Evaluation Coordination, and DWC Compliance: Our dedicated team takes care of the administrative burden, freeing you to focus on conducting evaluations.

QME Training Systems and Modules

  • QME Training
  • Report Writing Training
  • California Med-Legal Law Review & Application

Record Digitization and Initial Clerical Excerpt of Medical Records

  • All necessary information is readily available online for your review, ensuring timely access to crucial data.
  • Proprietary system for easy review of raw records

Transcription - Dictation System

Spectrum has developed a precise dictation system that allows a doctor to effectively and efficiently dictate a QME report.

Expert Med-Legal Consultants

We provide you with your dedicated administrator and Med-Legal consultant to hold your hand and help guide you the whole way. Our certified Impairment Rating Specialists and Med-Legal Consultants guarantee your final reports meet the highest accuracy and legal compliance standards.

Bill Review

We meticulously review all submitted bills for accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.


Our in-house bill collectors, all based in California, work diligently to ensure you receive the compensation you are rightfully owed, boasting one of the quickest collection times in the industry.

All-Inclusive Fee Coverage

Say goodbye to hidden fees! We cover all fees, including renewals, continuing education, all your office listings, and any other fees assessed by the DWC.

Expansion of Your Professional Network

Unlock more opportunities with our professional network. Explore diverse Med-Legal avenues like IME, AME, SIBTF, Expert Witness, and more! 

Empowering Orthopaedic Surgeons with a Comprehensive Solution

Spectrum Eval's revolutionary platform and comprehensive QME services provide Orthopaedic Surgeons with an unparalleled solution to streamline their workflow, enhance clinical decision-making, and maximize their QME practice's efficiency and success. The company also plans to conduct a large-scale clinical outcome study later this year. Physicians interested in learning more can visit spectrummedeval.com or directly contact a Spectrum Eval representative.

About Spectrum Eval

Spectrum Eval is a leading Med-Legal management company that streamlines medical evaluation workflows. Through its innovative QME platform and deep Orthopaedic expertise, Spectrum Eval aims to improve and simplify the QME process throughout California.

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