ClickExpose: Does It Really Tackle Click Fraud at Its Core?

ClickExpose Unveils Comprehensive Anti-Fraud Solutions to Maximize Ad Spend Efficiency

ClickExpose claims to revolutionize how businesses combat click fraud, offering solutions that extend beyond mere detection to address the underlying issues. But does it really work? We decided to dive deep into their services, from free strategy sessions to lifelong monitoring plans, to find out if ClickExpose truly empowers businesses to tackle click fraud at its roots.

Understanding Click Fraud

Click fraud involves fake clicks on online ads, often generated by bots or dishonest competitors, leading to wasted ad spend and distorted campaign performance metrics. According to the latest data, up to 28% of digital traffic is not human (Marketing Scoop)​​, and small businesses can see as much as 30% of their advertising budget consumed by fraudulent clicks​ (Search Engine Land)​.

ClickExpose’s Unique Approach

Comprehensive Education

One of ClickExpose’s standout features is their free strategy sessions designed to help new users identify and address the root causes of click fraud in their campaigns. But how effective are they?

From our experience, the strategy session was incredibly insightful. The expert we spoke with discussed advanced tactics for eliminating click fraud from the get-go, such as advanced location targeting to tackle VPN attacks and audience segmentation tactics. These strategies were not only interesting but also practical for improving ad targeting and conversions. This level of personalized service is rare and highly valuable, especially for businesses that may not have extensive experience with Google Ads.

Rating: 10/10

Free Lifetime Monitoring

ClickExpose also offers a free lifetime monitoring plan, which continuously scans for click fraud, helping businesses uncover issues early and adjust their campaigns accordingly. This sounds promising, but does it deliver?

In our testing, the monitoring service identified numerous fraudulent clicks. However, this plan does not block the clicks. The information provided was detailed and helpful, but without active intervention, the fraudulent activity persisted.

Rating: 7/10

Pro Plan: Real-Time Protection

For businesses seeking more robust protection, ClickExpose offers a Pro plan starting at £49 GBP per month, for up to 10,000 monthly protected visits (ad clicks). This plan not only identifies fraudulent clicks but also blocks them in real-time. But is this additional investment worth it?

The Pro plan's real-time blocking feature was a game-changer. During our trial, it successfully prevented numerous fraudulent clicks, ensuring our ad budget was spent only on genuine traffic. This saved us just over 19% in prevented wasteful spend, with reported blocks for bot clicks, repeated clicks that went over our set threshold, bounces, and zero interaction/suspicious activity. The peace of mind provided by this real-time protection cannot be overstated, especially for companies with significant ad spends.

Rating: 9/10

Expert Guidance and Advanced Prevention

ClickExpose’s team leverages their extensive experience to deliver advanced services. With a wealth of experience in managing high-budget campaigns, the team ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that optimize their ad spend and protect against fraud. But is this guidance practical?

The expert guidance provided was top-notch. The team's recommendations were clear and actionable, helping us refine our ad strategies and improve our ROI. The ongoing support and availability of the experts were also commendable, providing reassurance that we were in good hands.

Rating: 9/10

Proven Success and Client Impact

Clients of ClickExpose report significant reductions in fraudulent clicks and improved campaign performance. The combination of expert consultation and continuous monitoring not only safeguards ad budgets but also enhances the overall effectiveness of digital marketing efforts. But is this the case for everyone?

Based on our experience and feedback from other users, ClickExpose delivers on its promises. We observed a noticeable decrease in click fraud and a corresponding improvement in our campaign performance. While individual results may vary, the overall consensus is positive.

Rating: 9/10


ClickExpose stands out by offering more than just real-time fraud detection. Through education, free strategy sessions, and ongoing monitoring, they provide businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to combat click fraud effectively. The Pro plan’s real-time blocking feature adds an extra layer of security, making it a worthwhile investment for businesses serious about protecting their ad spend. This proactive approach helps businesses maximize their return on investment and maintain the integrity of their advertising campaigns.

While no service is perfect, ClickExpose is a robust offering that provides comprehensive solutions addressing the root causes of click fraud. For businesses struggling with click fraud, ClickExpose is a valuable ally.

Overall Rating: 9/10


  • Comprehensive Education: 10/10

  • Free Lifetime Monitoring: 7/10

  • Pro Plan Real-Time Protection: 9/10

  • Expert Guidance: 9/10

  • Client Impact: 9/10

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