Iternal Technologies announces Turnkey AI for the AI Factory at Dell Technologies World 2024

Iternal's Turnkey AI solution is an easy button to deploy production ready AI use cases for all business departments of an organization. Turnkey AI is powered by Dell's AI Factory.

Companies are seeking to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their operations to enhance efficiency and growth. Iternal Technologies is one such company that has been active in developing enterprise class AI business applications since 2019. At the Dell Technologies World event in Las Vegas, Iternal Technologies' Founder & CEO, John Byron Hanby IV, spoke about the future of AI in business operations during a video interview on theCUBE’s live coverage of the show hosted by SiliconANGLE.

Introduction of Turnkey AI

During the interview, Hanby introduced Turnkey AI, an AI solution designed to be immediately deployable across various business departments such as sales, marketing, IT operations, legal, and procurement. Turnkey AI is intended to simplify the implementation of AI solutions by providing production-ready results for businesses.

Use Cases of Turnkey AI

Iternal Technologies aims to demonstrate the practical applications of Turnkey AI in automating complex processes. Some highlighted use cases include:

  • GenAI Powered RFP Response: Turnkey AI Waypoint aims to improve the efficiency of responding to RFPs with increased speed by 17 times and accuracy by 40 times.

  • Sales & Marketing Growth: Turnkey AI Hyper-personalization accelerates sales teams by enabling the creation of highly personalized proposals and marketing materials, reducing costs by 90% and decreasing turnaround times significantly.

  • Resource Prioritization: Turnkey AI Nebulous enhances prioritization for use cases like IT operations, ticketing, supply chain, and cyber threat response by speeding up response times by 40% and increasing resolution speed by 230%, aiming to ensure prompt resolution of critical IT issues.

AI Data Management built for the Fortune 1000: Blockify

Central to Turnkey AI’s proposed benefits is Blockify, a patented technology developed by Iternal Technologies, which is designed to improve data accuracy and the effectiveness of any Large Language Model (LLM). Iternal Technologies' approach to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) increases GenAI accuracy by 4000% and distills data to 2.5% of its original size while allowing for human oversight and IT governance of your AI systems.

Many Industry Applications, Ready now

Beyond traditional business use cases, Turnkey AI is also promoted as being applicable in fields such as law enforcement and healthcare, potentially aiding in tasks like analyzing police body cam footage and assisting doctors with paperwork, aiming to reduce manual workloads.

Potential Benefits: Time Savings and Enhanced Human Experience

Hanby emphasizes the value of AI in saving time by automating routine tasks and optimizing business processes. He suggests that Turnkey AI can improve work and life quality by allowing individuals to focus more on strategic tasks.

Iternal Technologies and Dell Technologies Partnership

The collaboration between Iternal Technologies and Dell Technologies is highlighted as a significant factor in the development and deployment of AI solutions like Turnkey AI. This partnership is portrayed as combining AI and infrastructure expertise to achieve impactful outcomes for businesses and society.

Future Outlook

Iternal Technologies aims to continue innovating within the AI space, with John Byron Hanby IV’s insights providing a vision for the potential of AI to transform business operations and societal functions. The company's efforts with Turnkey AI represent part of a broader movement to realize the practical benefits of AI in various industries. "We believe AI is built to enhance our human potential, not replace it." John Byron Hanby IV

In summary, as AI continues to evolve from concept to application, companies like Iternal Technologies are working to forefront this transformation. With solutions such as Turnkey AI, the goal is to leverage AI to address the complexities of the digital age, enhancing human potential, innovation, and growth across the business landscape. The collaboration with Dell Technologies and the ongoing development of technologies like Blockify exemplify the industry’s efforts to harness AI's potential for broad-scale application and a positive, lasting impact on society.

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