GS Draft System Solutions And Aifi Partner For Effortless Self-serving Beer Systems At An Atlanta, Georgia Stadium

GS Draft and AiFi are teaming up to create a new self-serve draft beer tap system to provide fans with a smoother experience.

Atlanta, GA: Major sporting events are about to get a fan experience upgrade! GS Draft is a leader in beverage dispensing solutions. They've now partnered with AiFi, a company known for using artificial technology (AI) to assist in retail technology.

Together, they're bringing a groundbreaking frictionless system to a stadium in Atlanta. This innovative collaboration eliminates checkout lines, allowing fans to pour their own beer with speed and convenience.

Seamless Self-Service with QuickTap by GS Draft

The centerpiece of this project is GS Draft's QuickTap self-serve draft beer system. This technology connects with AiFi's cashierless store technology. Together, it enables a frictionless beer-pouring experience. Here's how it works:

  • Fans get IDed and then proceed to the gate to scan their payment for entry.

  • They select their desired beer from a variety of options on a digital display.

  • Using QuickTap technology, fans pour their own

  • The system tracks the volume dispensed and charges the fan's account accordingly.

Benefits for Fans and the Stadium

The innovative frictionless TapWalls offer many benefits for both fans and any venue that uses it:

  • Enhanced Fan Experience: Faster service and a wider selection mean a happier fan who is ready to enjoy the game!

  • Increased Sales: Thisnew self-serve beer system is a win-win for stadiums! Shorter lines mean fans can grab another beer faster. By doing so, this boosts beer sales throughout the game.

  • Reduced Labor Costs: The checkout-free TapWalls simplify the process. Better efficiency means less labor needed to manage beer sales, which improves any stadium's bottom line..

  • Improved Efficiency: Reducing wait lines for beer purchases improves traffic flow in the concession area, making the fan experience truly frictionless.

A Pioneering Partnership in Stadium Technology

This partnership between GS Draft and AiFi is a game-changer for commercial draft beer systems in stadiums. "As technology continues to shape the entertainment industry, we're proud to work with solutions and stadiums aligned with creating a positive fan experience and maximizing time watching the game," says John O'Connell, Executive V.P. of the Sports and Entertainment Division at GS Draft.

Steve Carlin, CEO at AiFi, echoed this viewpoint. "Stadiums and large live event venues are the perfect setting for autonomous retail, and AiFi is proud to play a part in shaping the fan's enjoyment while in attendance."

The Future of Beer Systems

The success of this project paves the way for the wider adoption of self-serve beer systems in stadiums and other venues across the country. With its focus on speed, convenience, and efficiency, this technology has the potential to transform fans’ experiences of concessions.

About GS Draft Systems

GS Draft Systems is a leading provider of premium draft system solutions for bars, restaurants, breweries, and entertainment venues. Their innovative QuickTap system sets the standard for fast self-serve draft beer technology, offering an efficient experience for both businesses and fans. They also provide the ReverseTap bottom filling system and other innovative solutions to streamline beer serving.

About AiFi

AiFi is a pioneering company that specializes in AI for the retail industry. Their cashier-less tech lets shoppers grab what they need and go, making shopping faster and easier for everyone.

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