Rising Star — Yihuizi Zhong: How to Sensually Express Rational Philosophical Thoughts through Canvas

Rising Star — Yihuizi Zhong: How to Sensually Express Rational Philosophical Thoughts through Canvas

Aesthetics serves as the conduit linking philosophy and art. As a distinguished contemporary artist, Yihuizi Zhong's oeuvre initially enchants through its use of vibrant hues, abstract forms, and audacious expressions, all teeming with unbridled inventiveness. Nevertheless, upon closer examination through an interview, it becomes apparent that her works are underpinned by a profound artistic philosophy marked by clarity and purity, which lie under the ostensibly whimsical nature of her creations.

With a smile, she articulates her creative ethos: "When I paint, it's often at the zenith of my urge to express. It is in these moments that I can truly find tranquility, engage in an unmediated dialogue with the canvas, and channel all my thoughts, emotions, and mental tumult into it, transforming and reorganizing them in the process." Zhong assigns profound value to visual expressiveness and harbors a deep affection for the sphere of pure art. Endowed with exceptional talent and creativity, she is a luminary among young artists. Her formal education in art began at an early age, culminating in a degree in art design from university, after which she embarked on a career as an innovative interior designer. Perhaps it is her professional engagement with aesthetics—homes, warmth—that fuels Yihuizi Zhong's unabating quest for beauty in all its forms. Zhong's acrylic and oil paintings are marked by a unique style, with each creation conveying a distinctive philosophical insight or narrative. Engaging with her artwork is akin to a visit to an art museum, where each piece compels the viewer to halt and reflect upon its deeper significations. "Viewers of my work are not required to conjecture about my inner world," she comments. "Should each person arrive at their own singular interpretation, that would indeed gratify me. An artwork that prompts contemplation or evokes emotion qualifies as a successful piece!" she asserts.

Yihuizi Zhong is an artist deeply intertwined with the act of creation; the canvas serves as her gateway to a state of flow. "Only when I am in front of the canvas, engaging with paint, do I experience true freedom and joy. It is a realm where all my troubles, even hunger, are forgotten," she explains. Her profound appreciation for Fauvism is evident, as her works prominently display strong Neo-Fauvist expressionist tendencies. Zhong skillfully employs large blocks of color, highly saturated color combinations, and abstract and symbolic techniques to articulate her inner emotions. In her upcoming exhibition in New York, her paintings reveal a compelling force that harmoniously blends rationality and sensibility, manifesting both quietly and resolutely. While reveling in the joy of artistic creation, Yihuizi Zhong regularly engages with philosophical texts, asserting that her art is inextricably linked to philosophical inquiry. "Without philosophical reflection, there is no rejuvenation for me. I must continually read, think, and explore to gather new inspiration," she asserts. In the domain of art she cherishes, Zhong persistently creates value through emotion, and her works embody her sincerity, purity, consistency, and deep contemplation of art.

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