Meet Matison Phillips, Ms. Canada Nation Universe 2024

Matison Phillips; who was recently crowned Ms. Canada Nation Universe 2024

In the glamorous world of beauty pageants and modelling, few names shine as brightly as Matison Phillips; who was recently crowned Ms.Canada Nation Universe 2024 on April 13th, 2024. With an illustrious career spanning nearly two decades, Matison has not only graced numerous runways but also inspired countless aspiring models. We had the opportunity to delve into her journey, insights, and future aspirations in an exclusive Q&A session.

Photo Credits to: Frank Bokehlicious
Photo Credits to: Frank Bokehlicious

Madison's modelling career began 18 years ago, driven by a deep-seated passion for self-expression and the allure of the camera. "When it comes to modelling, it's all about expressing yourself and feeling confident in front of the camera," she explains. For Matison, modelling is an art form, a way to communicate her unique style and embrace her individuality. Inspired by fashion, art, and the thrill of the spotlight, she followed her dreams and embarked on a remarkable journey. The modelling industry, as Matison candidly shares, is fraught with challenges. "Models in the industry can face various challenges, including fierce competition, body image pressures, and the constant need to maintain a certain look." Long hours, irregular schedules, and frequent traveladd to the demands of the profession.

However, Matison emphasizes the potential for personal and professional growth, and the opportunity to make a positive impact. "It's important to remember that models also have the opportunity to overcome these challenges, grow personally and professionally, and make a positive impact not only for others but also in the industry. As Ms.Canada Nation Universe 2024, Matison intends to use her title to further her modelling career and advocate for important causes. "I will use the visibility and recognition that comes with the title to attract attention from industry professionals and open doors to exciting opportunities," she says. Collaborating with brands that align with her values, Matison aims to promote diversity and break stereotypes within the modelling industry. Her vision is to inspire others and showcase that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

"By leveraging my title, I aim to make a positive impact and create a more inclusive and empowering space within the modelling world.” When asked about her future, Matison reflects on her evolving goals and aspirations. "Predicting where I'll be in five years is a challenging question, as my goals and aspirations are continuously evolving," she admits. Her ultimate aim is to inspire others to pursue their dreams with determination and focus. Matison holds herself accountable to her personal goals daily, striving to become the best version of herself and encouraging others to do the same.

Matison is excited to infuse her modelling career with the power of her title as Ms. Canada Nation Universe. "It's all about using this amazing platform to take my modelling journey to new heights," she enthuses. Beyond achieving professional milestones, Matison is committed to important causes, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring others in the industry. Her vision is to create a more inclusive and empowering modeling world, where diversity and talent are celebrated.

Photo Credits to: Frank Bokehlicious

Matison’s aspirations extend to the world’s most prestigious runways. "When it comes to runways, there are so many exciting options to consider," she shares. From New York Fashion Week to Paris, Milan, and London Fashion Weeks, Matison dreams of showcasing her style on these global stages, which she will have the chance to do with Super Chic Fashion Week this year. These events attract top designers and industry professionals, providing a platform for Matison to align with her goals and express her love for fashion. "The runway is your chance to shine and make a statement," she affirms.

Matison is passionate about challenging stereotypes in modelling and pageantry. "It's important to break the stereotype that these industries are solely focused on physical appearance," she asserts.

Both fields provide platforms for showcasing talents, intelligence, and advocacy for significant causes. Matison advocates for celebrating the diversity, talents, and accomplishments of individuals in these industries, challenging any preconceived notions about them.

What sets Matison apart is her ability to think outside the box and approach challenges creatively. "I love exploring different perspectives and finding innovative ways to approach challenges," she reveals. Whether through art, problem-solving, or everyday situations, Matison brings a fresh and imaginative approach to everything she does. This unique perspective adds a touch of originality to her endeavours, making her a standout figure in the modelling world.

As Matison Phillips continues to shine as Ms. Canada Nation Universe 2024, her journey of self-expression, advocacy, and inspiration serves as a beacon for aspiring models and individuals alike. Her dedication to breaking barriers and creating a more inclusive industry reflects her commitment to making a lasting impact. Support Matison and follow her on Instagram @mphillipsathlete.

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