Smith Creek Fish Farm Upgrades Inventory & Services: New Liners, Fountains, Weekly Stock & Welcome Discounts.

Smith Creek Fish Farm upgrades inventory with new pond liners & fountains, offering a fresh selection of fish weekly. New customers receive a welcome discount & monthly perks via newsletter signup.

Smith Creek Fish Farm, a premier provider of pond and lake supplies, fish, and aquatic management solutions, announces exciting upgrades to its inventory and services.

New Customer Welcome Offer: Smith Creek Fish Farm welcomes new customers with a 5% discount on their first purchase. Simply use the code WELCOME05 at checkout.

Enhanced Inventory

The farm has expanded its product offerings to cater to broader customer needs. Here's a glimpse of the exciting additions:

1. Durable Pond Liners: Smith Creek Fish Farm now offers Duraliner pond liners, a popular choice among professional landscapers and pond builders. These liners are known for their exceptional durability, withstanding extreme temperatures (-40° to 175°F) while remaining puncture, weather, and UV-resistant. Additionally, they come with a 20-year limited warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance.

2. Stylish Fountains for a Tranquil Ambiance: Looking to add a touch of serenity to your outdoor space? Smith Creek Fish Farm now carries two stunning fountain options from EasyPro.

    • Keyed Spillway Basalt Fountain: This captivating fountain features three basalt stands that create a cascading water effect. The taller two stands have built-in spillways, allowing water to flow gracefully from one level to the next. The bottom basalt overflows water into the basin below, creating a calming and visually stunning centerpiece.

    • Modern Basalt Fountain Trio: The Modern Basalt Fountain Trio offers three expertly contoured and textured fountains with beautifully polished tops for a more contemporary aesthetic. This striking ensemble creates a majestic focal point for any pond, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.

    3Gamefish Tagging Kit: Smith Creek Fish Farm promotes sustainable pond management practices. The introduction of gamefish tagging kits demonstrates their dedication to this cause. These kits allow pond owners to tag their fish with polyolefin-numbered Floy T-Bar tags. This practice adds fun to the fishing experience and provides valuable data on fish growth and population dynamics, contributing to responsible pond management.

    4. EcoBog Kits: For those seeking eco-friendly pond maintenance solutions, Smith Creek Fish Farm now offers EcoBog Kits. These bogs are ideal for pond needs, such as collecting leaves and debris or transporting fish.

    Fresh Fish Stock Arriving Weekly

      Smith Creek Fish Farm understands the importance of having a reliable source of healthy fish for ponds and lakes. The farm has implemented a weekly stocking program to ensure customers have continuous access to a wide variety of fish. New fish arrive every week, providing a fresh selection for every need. Check out the available fish, prices, timings, and more details here.

      Monthly Newsletters with Exclusive Benefits

      Smith Creek Fish Farm is committed to keeping its customers informed and engaged. They have launched a monthly newsletter with informative content and exclusive subscription benefits. Signing up for the newsletter grants customers access to monthly discount codes, allowing them to save on their pond and lake management needs.

      The new Duraliner pond liners provide exceptional durability, while the EasyPro fountains add a touch of beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space. Their commitment to fresh fish stock and sustainable practices ensures customers have everything they need to maintain healthy, thriving ponds and lakes.

      About Smith Creek Fish Farm

      Smith Creek Fish Farm is a family-owned and operated business that provides the highest-quality pond and lake supplies, fish, and aquatic management services. Its team of experts is passionate about aquatic environments and offers exceptional customer service to ensure success for both novice and experienced pond owners.

      Contact Information:

      Name - Todd Garrison

      Designation - Owner


      Main: (833) 326-5253

      Hatchery: (585) 322-7805

      Address - 5540 Route 362 Bliss, NY 14024

      Website -

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