Key Phone Number Leak Risks & Online Safety Tips in 2024

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Network intruders have many ways to obtain a large amount of information about a user’s mobile phone number that accidentally or negligently ended up on the internet.

Often, users themselves provide their phone numbers during registration on social networks and other applications, which allow fraudsters to learn their full name and even passport details, said a representative of the SMS-Man platform, which helps maintain anonymity online through advanced technologies.

Learn from our article what risks a phone number leak can pose and how to protect yourself using a temporary phone number for registrations.

Major Risks of Leaking Personal Phone Numbers Online

The leakage of a personal phone number on the internet can lead to many serious problems. Fraudsters and cybercriminals have various methods to extract confidential information from your phone number, which can result in financial losses, privacy violations, and even security threats. There are 3 main risks:

  • Phishing Attacks. One of the most common risks is phishing. Fraudsters can use your phone number to send fraudulent messages aiming to extract personal data such as logins, passwords, or banking information. These messages often look like official notifications from banks or other well-known organizations, increasing the likelihood that the user will fall for the scam.

  • Spam and Advertising Messages. Your phone number, in the hands of marketers or fraudsters, can become a target for numerous spam messages and advertising calls. This is not only annoying but can also lead to additional mobile costs if you have a limited tariff plan.

  • Security and Privacy Threats. If a fraudster gains access to your phone number, they can use it to hack into your online accounts. Many services use phone numbers for two-factor authentication (2FA). By taking control of your number, a fraudster can reset passwords and access your accounts, including banking and email.

Tips on How to Enhance Your Online Security

Now, we will consider key tips that will help you significantly enhance your online security, keeping your personal information and data safe.

1. Using a Temporary Phone Number

Temporary phone numbers are virtual phone numbers that can be used for a limited period to register on various online services and applications. They are not linked to your device, personal data, or other private information, helping you avoid disclosing them online. Additionally, they are immediately deleted after use, which further enhances your security.

2. Updating Privacy Settings

Regularly check and update your privacy settings on social networks and other online services. Limit access to your phone number, allowing only trusted contacts to see it, or hide it altogether.

3. Being Cautious with Suspicious Messages

Be cautious with any suspicious messages, especially if they ask you to provide personal data. Never click on links or provide information if you have even the slightest doubt about the legitimacy of the message.

4. Using Spam Blocking Applications

There are numerous mobile applications that help block spam and unwanted calls. They can significantly reduce the number of unwanted messages and calls, allowing you to manage your privacy more effectively.

How to Protect Yourself with a Temporary Phone Number?

One of the most effective ways to protect your primary phone number is to use a temporary phone number for registrations on various online services. Temporary phone numbers provide the opportunity to receive SMS on such one-time numbers, which can be used for registration confirmation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a temporary phone number in 2024:

  1. Register on

  2. Replenish your balance with a convenient method: crypto, online wallet, or bank card.

  3. Select the country and one of the services, then click “Buy”.

  4. Copy your temporary phone number and use it for registration.

  5. Return to SMS-Man to receive the SMS with the code.

  6. Enter the code to complete the registration.


The leakage of a phone number on the internet can lead to serious consequences, including phishing attacks, spam, and security threats. To protect yourself, it is important not to use your personal contact details for registrations, regularly update privacy settings, be cautious with suspicious messages, and use spam-blocking applications.

Platforms like SMS-Man provide effective tools for maintaining anonymity online. By using temporary phone numbers, you can also significantly reduce the risks associated with personal data leaks and enjoy a safer internet experience.

Following the simple recommendations from our article will help you keep your personal data secure and minimize the threats associated with using a mobile phone in the digital world.

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