Camfil's Canada Mobile HEPA Filter Exhibit Wows Engineers and Facility Managers

Camfil's Canada Mobile HEPA Filter Exhibit Wows Engineers and Facility Managers

Customers Praise Hands-On Experience with Advanced Air Filtration Solutions

Camfil, a world leader in clean air solutions, is taking its extensive line of HEPA and air filtration products on the road with a mobile exhibit trailer. The immersive experience allows engineers, facility managers, and other professionals to get up close with Camfil's cutting-edge filtration technologies for a wide range of applications.

The mobile exhibit features full-scale models and interactive displays showcasing Camfil's HEPA filters, containment housings, molecular filters, dust collectors, and more. Visitors can see firsthand the robust construction, low pressure drops, high efficiencies and other advantages of Camfil's air filtration solutions.

"It's awesome to see all the different equipment and the different ways filters can be used," said Juan after touring the exhibit. "It looks very efficient and detailed. It's good to see it hands-on."

The trailer highlights solutions for critical environments like healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, life sciences, microelectronics fabrication, and nuclear power plants. A "bag-in/bag-out" system for safely changing filters in nuclear settings drew particular interest.

"I found the bag-in/bag-out system for removing filters in a nuclear setting really interesting. I hadn't seen that before," remarked Karl, an engineer visitor.

For Bridget, an HVAC professional, the mobile exhibit provided valuable perspective. "It's really nice to see things in person and see how they work," she said. "A lot of times we just put them on our drawings. Seeing it live in action definitely helps you get a better understanding."

George, a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience, called the exhibit "an eye-opener" and praised Camfil's focus on performance, maintenance and service. "These are the most robust type of filters I've seen. I'm impressed and recommend this tour for every HVAC engineer."

Tom Newman, Camfil's logistical facilitator for the mobile unit, described “the people we talk to” as a highlight of the experience.”

The Camfil mobile exhibit hits the road frequently and is available for booking. To learn more about bringing it to your facility or event, contact Camfil. Keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates.

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