10 Best Math Apps for Kids in 2024

From counting to division, find the perfect math app for your child. Our blog reviews 10 apps that make math learning engaging & effective for kids of all ages.

Math is an important subject for kids to learn early in life. It helps them understand numbers and solve problems, skills useful in everyday life. But sometimes, learning math can be challenging and a bit boring. That's where technology comes in. It can make learning math more interesting and fun. With the right math apps, kids can enjoy learning while playing games and doing activities on their phones or tablets.

This blog will look at the 12 best math apps for kids. These apps are chosen because they make math fun and easy to understand. We'll talk about each app and see how it can help kids learn math in a fun way.

10 Best Math Apps for Kids

1. SplashLearn

Target Age Group: 2-11 years

SplashLearn is an all-encompassing math platform for preK-5 kids, blending online math games and printable math worksheets for a dynamic learning experience. It transforms complex math concepts into engaging activities. The platform also offers live classes for personalized, interactive learning. Its adaptive algorithm customizes content to each child's level, ensuring appropriate challenges, while progress tracking allows for monitoring of development and areas for improvement.

SplashLearn covers a comprehensive range of math topics, from basic counting and number recognition for younger kids to more complex topics like fractions and geometry for older students. The way it teaches these concepts is child-friendly and intuitive, using visual aids and interactive scenarios that make learning less intimidating and more accessible.

Key Features: Interactive games, personalized learning paths, progress tracking, and curriculum alignment.

2. Khan Academy Kids

Target Age Group: 2-7 years

Khan Academy Kids provides a comprehensive learning experience covering math and other essential subjects. The app's design engages young learners through various creative activities, fostering an early love for learning.

Key Features: Covers various subjects, including math, and engaging and creative activities for young learners.

3. Prodigy Math Game

Target Age Group: 6-14 years

Prodigy Math combines math learning with the excitement of role-playing learning games. Children who engage in adventures and battles solve math problems, blending education with entertainment. This approach keeps learners motivated and engaged in their math practice.

Key Features: Role-playing game format, integrating math questions into game scenarios, suitable for a wide age range.

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4. Mathletics

Target Age Group: Kindergarten to 12th grade

Mathletics is designed to cater to various age groups, offering customizable learning experiences. It provides interactive activities that challenge and engage students at their individual skill levels. Additionally, the global competitions hosted on the platform add an exciting and competitive edge to learning, motivating students to improve their math skills.

Key Features: Customizable learning experiences, interactive activities, and global student competitions.

5. DragonBox Numbers

Target Age Group: 4-8 years

DragonBox Numbers introduces young learners to math fundamentals playfully and intuitively. The app focuses on developing number sense and basic math concepts, making it an excellent tool for early math education. Its game-based approach ensures that children learn through play, which can be more effective and enjoyable for this age group.

Key Features: Game-based learning, which focuses on number sense and basic math concepts, is designed for early learners.

6. Photomath

Target Age Group: Middle school to college

Photomath is a highly useful app for older students, offering a unique way to solve math problems. Students can scan and solve complex math problems using the phone's camera, receiving step-by-step explanations. This feature provides answers and helps students understand the methodology behind solving various types of math problems, making it a valuable learning tool.

Key Features: Problem-solving using the phone's camera, step-by-step explanations, suitable for various math problems.

7. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose

Target Age Group: 3-7 years

Moose Math engages young children with fun activities that teach basic math skills. The app covers essential concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction, and even introduces geometry. Its interactive and colorful design keeps children entertained while they learn foundational math.

Key Features: Interactive activities for basic math skills, including counting, addition, subtraction, and introductory geometry.

8. Mathway

Target Age Group: Middle school to college

Mathway is a versatile tool for students with various math problems, from basic algebra to more complex calculus. It's particularly useful for older students who need help solving and understanding complex math problems. The app provides instant solutions and step-by-step explanations, making it a valuable study aid.

Key Features: Solves various math problems with step-by-step explanations, suitable for advanced math topics.

9. Todo Math

Target Age Group: Pre-K to 2nd grade

Todo Math is designed to cater to early learners with various learning styles. The app includes various educational games for kids covering fundamental math concepts such as counting, basic equations, and logical reasoning. Its user-friendly interface and engaging content make learning math enjoyable for young children.

Key Features: Games and activities for early math learning covering counting, basic equations, and logical reasoning.

10. Math Tango

Target Age Group: 5-10 years

Math Tango combines math learning with puzzle-solving, making it an engaging way for children to practice basic math operations and develop problem-solving skills. The app's puzzle-based approach encourages critical thinking and makes learning math a fun and challenging experience.

Key Features: Puzzle-based games focusing on basic math operations and problem-solving skills.

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Criteria for Selection

When choosing the best math apps for kids, several key factors were considered to ensure they effectively meet the needs of young learners. These criteria include:

  1. User-Friendliness: The app must have an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. It's important that children can use the app with minimal assistance, making the learning experience smooth and enjoyable.

  2. Educational Value: Each app is evaluated for its ability to teach math concepts effectively. The content should align with educational standards and reinforce what is taught in the classroom.

  3. Engagement Level: The apps should be engaging enough to keep children interested. This includes interactive elements, fun graphics, and stimulating challenges that make learning feel like play.

  4. Age Appropriateness: Each app's content and difficulty level must be suitable for the target age group. The app must match the learning stage and cognitive abilities of its users.

  5. Cost: The affordability of the app is also considered. Whether it's free, freemium, or paid, the app should offer good value for its cost, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users.

These criteria ensure that the selected apps are educational but also enjoyable and accessible, making them effective tools for learning math.


That's our list of the top math apps for kids! These apps make learning math fun and easy. They have online math games, lessons, and activities that fit all kinds of kids. Remember, using these apps can help with math, but it's also good to balance screen time with other ways of learning. Happy math exploring!

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