WikiStock APP will be fully launched globally in early July!

WikiStock APP will be fully launched globally in early July!

WikiStock APP, a comprehensive securities firm evaluation tool, will launch globally in early July, offering in-depth broker analysis.

WikiStock, as an auxiliary tool for selecting securities firms, will be fully launched globally in early July!

The APP contains information on more than 10,000 stock brokers, including but not limited to securities regulatory information, operational analysis, financial report information, on-site investigation, and comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of securities firms. It provides an open, comprehensive, and systematic online securities information rating and evaluation platform for the industry.

Core Functions:

1. Multidimensional scoring system: Through comprehensive evaluation from multiple dimensions and on-site investigation, the possibility of decking behavior can be reduced.

2. Real-time regulatory information: Real-time online capture of trading licenses ensures verification of broker legitimacy anytime, anywhere, ensuring transaction compliance and security.

3. Features of Brokerage: Comprehensive evaluation of fundamental broker information, which includes not only the registered capital, historical performance, but also the company scale, transaction costs data; providing a holistic perspective on broker services.

4. Business Analysis and Internet Gene Index: Combining app store rating score, download volume and distribution, and rating evaluation information to showcase more broker information.

5. User Evaluation Platform: Providing a platform for users to post user experience information about brokers, enabling uers to access more genuine, objective, and transparent information.

WikiStock's rating system has evolved into a mature broker evaluation mechanism, adapted from extensive broker databases and user behavioral simulations, patented and continuously innovated and iterated to align with current trends.

When evaluating securities firms, WikiStock always adheres to the principles of transparency and integrity, objectively and scientifically evaluates the overall strength and reputation level of securities firms, comprehensively scores and ranks securities firms, provides users with objective and accurate reference indicators, and is committed to promoting the standardization and improvement of securities business.

About WikiStock

WikiStock is a product under WikiGlobal, mainly including stock brokers, aiming to provide users with scientific, objective, and timely information.Currently, WikiStock has recorded information on over 12,000 brokers, covering regulatory scopes of more than 16 countries, and supports eight languages. Embedded with the WikiScore system, WikiStock comprehensively presents broker profiles using multiple dimensions, including but not limited to licenses, risk control, and business operations, combined with real user reviews.

WikiGlobal includes sub-brands such as WikiFX, WikiBit, and WikiStock.Established in 2009, with over 60,000 brokers recorded, regulatory coverage spanning more than 60 countries, serving over 5 million users globally, and continuously updating its database in real-time.

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Company Name: WIKI CO., LIMITED

Contact Person: Bob Bao

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Telephone: +86 15997677216

Country: Hong Kong

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