Show Off Your Charmy Curves in ChicSew Bridesmaid Dresses

Whether it’s your own special day, your sister getting married or your BFF tying the knot, the first thing you do is start looking for the perfect dress.


Whether it’s your own special day, your sister getting married or your BFF tying the knot, the first thing you do is start looking for the perfect dress.

And why wouldn’t you?

Being the bride’s excited sidekick, the bridesmaids need a dress that is convenient for all the running around and still look best. Whether the wedding is weeks away or just around the corner, ChicSew has your back.

With our unique line of mermaid style dresses, we ensure you flaunt the distinguished look you deserve.

What Are the Characteristics of ChicSew Bridesmaid Dresses?

Bridesmaid dresses available online or in-stores come in variety of styles, fabrics and sizes. However, finding the dress that checks all your boxes can be challenging.

ChicSew has a huge variety of modern and oh-so-chic bridesmaid dresses that every bridesmaid dreams of. For example, you can easily find the most popular satin bridesmaid dresses in various colors and styles.

There are several reasons to buy a ChicSew Bridesmaid Dress and none not to. Here are some of the characteristics of bridesmaid dresses available at ChicSew that will make the process of selecting a bridesmaid dress easier for you.

Multiple fabrics

Finding the perfect bridesmaid dress that flows like water and enhances your curves is difficult but not impossible. Here at ChicSew, we have multiple fabrics to match your unique style, taste and personality. Whether you are looking for a soft and breathable fabric for a summer wedding or a knitted warm fabric for a winter wedding, we’ve got you covered.

Our range of fabrics includes soft satin, chiffon, velvet, Jersey, and sequin.

Satin is a woven fabric It’s been around for centuries and became popular in the Victorian era. It is available in antique, baronet, charmeuse, massaline, and duchess types. The luxury look and drape of the fabric is because of its higher silk content. Bridesmaids dresses are made out of satin because of shine, drape, durability and wrinkle-resistant nature of the fabric. A soft satin dress frames your curves and turns you into a stunning diva.

Chiffon bridesmaids dresses are popular because of their light weight and airy texture. They are great if you have a fairytale or garden themed wedding. The best thing about chiffon is that it doesn’t cling to the body. However, since it is a delicate fabric, it needs extra care.

Velvet is a great choice for winter weddings. The plush feel of velvet works well with casual and formal dress styles. Velvet is a great choice for bridesmaids dresses as it drapes the body and flatters all body sizes and shapes.

Jersey is another lightweight and breathable fabric great for making matching outfits for the bridesmaids. Since it is a stretchy fabric, it looks good on all types of body shapes.

If you want to add a touch of glam to your squad, sequin is your go to fabric. You can create a timeless and luxury look with sequin bridesmaids’ dresses.

Although all these fabrics make great dresses, soft satin is a fabric that most brides and bridesmaid love because of the luxury touch and feel of the fabric.

Rich styles

Every bride wants her wedding to be one-of-a-kind and that’s why she picks unique bridesmaid dresses. Although selecting a bridesmaid dress is pretty exhausting, ChicSew makes it easier for you by offering rich styles that you are sure to fall in love with. From vibrant colors to sexy sequin dresses and stretchy satin to sheer and lightweight chiffon dresses, our catalogue has styles for diverse sizes and comfort for each individual person.

Why Choose ChicSew Bridesmaid Dresses?

It’s your big day and you are looking for those perfect head-turning bridesmaid dresses and don’t know where to start?

Let’s make it easier for you by explaining why you should choose ChicSew Bridesmaid dresses.

Excellent quality

Each bridesmaid dress at ChicSew is crafted keeping in mind comfort, style and durability, making it perfect for any bridesmaid. We ensure top notch quality in every dress. From fabric to stitching and embellishments to final finishes, each dress at ChicSew is epitome of excellent quality and perfection.

Customized Sizes Supported

Not every size fits all and that’s why we offer custom sizes for your bridesmaid dresses. Since every bridesmaid has a different body type and standard sizes are sometimes too big, too small or too tight for some individuals, we offer custom sizes, making each dress a perfect fit for the wearer.

Our customized dresses are made to match the exact bust, waist, hip and height measurements. Unlike others, who offer customization in standard sizes, we offer adjustment that can make the dress fit perfectly like making a longer strap to accommodate different heights and body types.

Choose the most popular ChicSew bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids

Looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress and feeling tired and exhausted after all the online browsing and shop hunting?

ChicSew’s bridesmaids dress collections will make the entire process less daunting and more fun for you and your bridesmaids.

Here are the most popular ChicSew Bridesmaid Dresses that will make your besties look best on your special day.

Here are some of our attention grabbing and head-turning dresses to make your special day, extra special.

Burnt-orange One-shoulder Side Slit Bridesmaid Dresses

Whether it is a gorgeous fall wedding or flowery summer ceremony, the burnt-orange dress with its one-shoulder neckline and side slit and pleats is drop-dead gorgeous. The long length of the dress adds a touch of elegance and the soft satin fabric makes it drape perfectly along your waistline and hips.

Emerald One-shoulder Side Slit Bridesmaid Dresses

Emerald is a popular color for bridesmaids’ dresses because of its lush glamorous look. Emerald one-shoulder side-slit dresses are epitome of elegance and style. These soft satin floor length dresses with their side slit and pleats embrace the curves effortlessly.

Black Halter-neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Black is an evergreen and popular choice for events and ceremonies. It is a great choice for the brides who are looking for trendy and chic dresses for their bridesmaids. The halter neck dresses are popular for their flattering neckline and versatility. Black halter-neck bridesmaids dresses made out stretchy fabric allow convenient movement while adding a luxury touch.

Rust Thin-Strapped One-shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want to add a rich sophistication to your wedding, rust is your color. Besides the theme and décor, rust is a popular dress color as it looks great on all skin colors. Rust one shoulder bridesmaids dresses feature pin-thin straps that highlight collar-bone and neckline. The dresses will look amazing on all body types by beautifully shifting the focus to the neck area. The long front slit not only offers convenient movement but also adds a touch of unmatched elegance to the overall look of the dress.


Your bridesmaids are not just your BFFs, they are a support system. They are by your side on your special day and during up sand downs of your life.

At ChicSew, we ensure your bridesmaids enjoy as much as you do and feel as special as they deserve.

ChicSew bridesmaids dress collections are carefully designed and crafted keeping in mind different body shapes and personalities. We make sure that each of our dress makes the wearer feel confident and reflects the uniqueness of the person.

So, call your girly gang and go through ChicSew bridesmaid dresses and find the perfect dress to show off your charmy curves.

Happy Shopping!!

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