Discovering Douglas Vermeeren: A Profile by Sophie Marchant

Discovering Douglas Vermeeren: A Profile by Sophie Marchant

I thought I knew a lot about actor Douglas Vermeeren. I had seen most, if not all of the movies he’s been in. I’d followed the big highlights from his career and personal life. But it wasn’t until I met him for this interview that I discovered some lesser known secrets about the star. The first thing I will tell you is that his enthusiasm and charisma is incredibly powerful and contagious.

Douglas Vermeeren is a Canadian Actor. He was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Douglas Vermeeren is a cousin to Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll through his mothers side of the family. Douglas Vermeeren certainly has some of the Presley swagger, style and good looks.

Douglas Vermeeren’s acting style is quite different from most in the field today. He recently won a Best Actor Award for his portrayal of the villain Billy Lachance in the recently released film Jackknife. But villains aren’t exclusively his domain. Vermeeren has recently been cast in the upcoming science fiction film Alien Horde as one of the lead heroes. And on July 16 the docu-series Mafia Spies comes out on Paramount Plus where Vermeeren portrays the lead FBI agent in a true historical drama about a time when the United States government partnered with the mafia during the 1960s.

Douglas Vermeeren seems to capture the look and feel of the 1960s in many of the characters he plays. His timeless look makes him the perfect candidate for the historical pieces. Douglas Vermeeren has also played several cowboys and gunfighters in a variety of films over the years.

On October 9 the western action film Black Creek will be premiering in Los Angeles. This western film is the creation of martial arts action star Cynthia Rothrock. In the film she must face off against several legendary marital artists in an arena of death in the western frontier town, ‘Black Creek.’ Douglas Vermeeren is the right-hand man to the primary villain portrayed by Richard Norton. Vermeeren runs the arena and controls the corruption in the town.

Black Creek will be one of the first films to ever mix the western and martial arts genre and bring so many legends from martial arts together.

Rumor has it that work on the sequel to Black Creek will begin shooting in early 2025. Douglas Vermeeren will be returning as his villainous and treacherous cowboy character in that film.

While Douglas Vermeeren certainly has a lengthy resume of film projects he’s been involved in that this continues to grow and he is busier than ever. On his IMDB page Vermeeren has 19 new projects that are in various stage of completion. Yet in chatting with Douglas Vermeeren he expressed that there are several more coming that aren’t listed on IMDb as they are considered top secret. When asked about these projects Vermeeren simply smiled and said that we will have to wait and see.

When asked about his favorite projects Douglas Vermeeren shares that each of the projects he’s been involved with have brought different rewards and challenges. Some of his most challenging roles have required new levels of effort and stretching. Doug Vermeeren shared that the most challenging things about being an actor isn’t just memorizing the lines, but finding the true character in the story and how to bring him to life in a way that the audience can understand and relate to.

“If you think about it,” Vermeeren shares, “A movie is a very short time period for an audience to get to know a character and learn to empathize with them. The character is someone that they need to be able to relate to quickly and feel a connection with. Sometimes that’s a difficult thing to do.”

Another challenge that Douglas Vermeeren mentioned was trying to create a different character. “I want to create different characters so that people don’t feel like they are watching me be the same person in every film I am in. I want them to think of these characters as real people. And I really want the audience to forget they are watching me. I want them them to feel like they are meeting the character.”

Whatever may be next for Douglas Vermeeren we are confident that it will be exciting. You can find more about Douglas Vermeeren on his IMDb page at or his instagram @douglasvermeeren

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