Borderless Access Redefines the Best ways to Streamline KOL Mapping

Borderless Access revolutionizes KOL mapping, offering innovative solutions to streamline and optimize the process.

KOLs, or key opinion leaders, are the major voices of influence in the healthcare industry who make major impacts on patient and business outcomes. Throughout a drug or any product's lifecycle, pharma companies devise strategies to pinpoint the right KOLs and work with them, as that pretty much determines a product's fate.

Medical Affairs teams lead the effort along with Medical Science Liaisons to constantly engage with the healthcare professionals in the industry and disseminate clinical and scientific information to influence the industry.

Pharma companies are constantly mapping out KOLs with certain target metrics in mind, analyzing their levels of influence across networks and platforms, including social media, publications, participation in conferences and webinars, speaking engagements, etc. KOL mapping is about pulling together all these data to determine the right person to engage with and why in a given context.

Here are some of the best ways to achieve KOL mapping in a streamlined manner.

1. Get a clear view of the stakeholder landscape

Get real-time data to track the presence of KOL in clinical research and their activities across various online and offline channels, including social media, conferences, publications, etc. Look at their levels of influence across networks and the audience in their network to understand how they can best be leveraged in what context.

2. Centralize inputs and outputs

Given the volume of data KOL mapping could mean, it’s important to implement technology to consolidate KOL data and centralize it for a smarter and faster output. If all information is available in one place, it doesn’t just save time but cost as well. Partnering with a new-age platform like Borderless Access can provide a single interface for all data, and one can determine all trends from time to time with advanced analytics across molecules, therapy areas, practices, and geographies.

3. Take action real-time data

AI-powered platforms provide real-time insights into new trends, patient journeys, patient priorities, and developments in therapy areas. This can enable companies to reach out to the right KOLs at the right time and through the right channels, leveraging this data to make informed decisions quickly. AI-driven insights enable one to act and react effectively and accurately, offering quantifiable benefits.

4. Measure feedback and success in real-time

KOL mapping is also based on constant feedback and is inherently tied to business outcomes. So measuring outcomes and being metrics-driven is important to adjust strategies based on performance. And it has to be done regularly across engagement activities and channels. Often this is a tedious process, involving manual efforts. It’s important to turn these mechanisms into quantifiable ones to ensure effective measures of impact are done and strategies are devised accurately in a timely manner. Rely on data reporting that automatically highlights any movement of significance in real-time to assess outcomes regularly.

5. Create a foundation for better key opinion leader engagement

The foundation of KOL Mapping lies in effective comprehensive data collection, a deep understanding of networks, and grasping network graphs. It sets the stage for the right framework for the patient to get the right treatment at the right time. Expedite this process with deeper insights from auto-generated reports and real-time tracking.

Embracing technology

All of these have been made considerably more straightforward through AI implementation, through its ability to see through data noise and search using simple rules that cut to the chase.

AI can evaluate information from networks, publications, and social media and offer insights that are challenging and time-consuming to gather manually by utilizing natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and network analysis. However, it’s important to recognize that no technology can replace a Medical Science Liaison’s input. It is essential to train these tools in a particular domain and equip them with regulated data to deploy AI technology effectively. To get optimized and accurate results, AI must be paired with human efforts, particularly those grounded in market research principles, to ensure the best outcomes.

How does a market research company play a significant role?

According to a spokesperson, Market research companies like Borderless Access offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to streamline and enhance your KOL mapping efforts. From real-time data and AI-powered insights to quantifiable metrics, get all in a centralized and user-friendly interface.

  • Identifying Target Audience and KOL Criteria: A market research company will help you identify and define the target audience and the specific qualities you need in KOLs. As a result, it sets the parameters for AI's data collection and analysis, directing it towards the most relevant information.

  • Understanding Industry Trends and Patient Needs: A market research company's insights can help any healthcare firm easily identify industry trends, patient needs, and unmet medical challenges. By incorporating this knowledge, AI can identify KOLs who are actively engaged in these areas and can significantly influence your target audience.

  • Developing Effective Engagement Strategies: Market research reveals communication channels and content types favored by your target audience and relevant KOLs. AI can leverage this data to recommend optimal engagement strategies for maximizing the impact of your outreach efforts.

This empowers healthcare brands to make data-driven decisions and optimize their KOL engagement strategies.


Kol mapping is a nuanced and yet powerful tool for pharma companies to navigate the complex relationships and networks in the healthcare sector. Remember, aligning the KOL mapping efforts and key opinion leader engagement with the main goals and industry-specific objectives is crucial. Here, a market research company can act as a guiding light. Market research empowers AI to deliver more relevant, actionable insights, ultimately leading to successful KOL engagement and achieving your strategic goals.

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