Greek goddesses at Dior couture show

There were no frills or heels for Christian Dior as the label took over the Rodin Museum in Paris on Monday, putting on a fitting homage to Greek goddesses for the opening day of haute couture week. . "There is no roadmap in haute couture," Chiuri said. 

Chinese pop idol Cai Xukun denies wrongdoing in sex scandal

Chinese pop star and fashion icon Cai Xukun denied Monday he had pressured a woman to have an abortion but promised to change his behaviour after being embroiled in a sex scandal that has taken China by storm.. A blogger claimed last week that Cai had a one-night stand with a woman referred to as "Ms C", alleging that he coerced her into getting an abortion when he found out she was pregnant.

Couture week comes to Paris amid riot fears

The fashion world is on edge as haute couture week kicks off on Monday in Paris, which has seen nights of violent riots over the police killing of a teenager.. There have been multiple events across the menswear and couture weeks to introduce newcomers from the kingdom, including a cocktail soiree at the Ritz hotel on Monday.

New 'Indiana Jones' tops N.America box office despite tepid debut

The latest -- and likely last -- installment in the popular "Indiana Jones" franchise lassoed the competition at the North American box office, industry estimates showed Sunday, but analysts noted the weak debut for the fan favorite.. With that, Indy booted animated sequel "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" from the top spot, but analysts said it was a weak start for the fifth Indiana Jones movie. 

Moroccan women shake up world of Gnaoua music

Young Moroccan women are bringing new and inclusive energy to the centuries-old art of Gnaoua, a spiritual musical repertoire traditionally reserved for men. . - 'Feeds the spirit' - "It's exceptional to have women playing Gnaoua music, which shouldn't be reserved for men," said Hamza Tahir, a member of the audience.

Meet the French luthier making music out of mushrooms

Leave mushroom spores in a mold for a couple weeks and they'll bloom into a puffy material akin to brie, says Rachel Rosenkrantz, a sustainability-minded guitar-maker innovating with biomaterials.. Wood of course is also biodegradable, but issues including overforesting have led makers like Rosenkrantz toward more sustainable options, reclaiming wood and sourcing from local woods.

Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin dies at 89

Alan Arkin, the "Little Miss Sunshine" and "Argo" actor known for his wry wit and improvisation skills, has died aged 89, according to his sons.. He took it on himself to create his "Little Miss Sunshine" character's backstory, deciding that Grandpa Hoover should be a washed-up former saxophonist with a penchant for strip clubs and drugs.