Prince William to launch new UK homelessness initiative

Britain's Prince William will launch Monday a new UK-wide initiative aiming to show that it is possible to end homelessness and make it "rare, brief, and unrepeated", Kensington Palace announced.. "It's a big task, but I firmly believe that by working together it is possible to make homelessness rare, brief, and unrepeated and I am very much looking forward to working with our six locations to make our ambition a reality."

NATO-led peacekeepers guard medieval monastery in Kosovo

Located at the foot of the Balkans' Accursed Mountains, the Decani Monastery is seen as a symbol of Serbia's religious heritage in Kosovo -- and a "miracle" of survival through many conflicts.  . During the Kosovo war and its aftermath, the monastery was a refuge for people of several religious beliefs, a haven from ethnic rivalries.

Afghan supreme leader says women 'saved from oppression' by Taliban

Afghanistan's supreme leader said Sunday the country's women were being saved from "traditional oppressions" by the adoption of Islamic governance and their status as "free and dignified human beings" restored.. The United Nations expressed "deep concern" last week that women were being deprived of their rights under Afghanistan's Taliban government and warned of systematic gender apartheid.

'God's guests': Saudis safeguard hajj hospitality tradition

Braving the scorching Saudi heat, Mecca resident Amer Abdullah distributed free tea and bread to worshippers performing the annual hajj pilgrimage, honouring a long-standing tradition in Islam's holiest city.. Across Mecca, young men distribute free meals consisting of rice, chicken or meat to pilgrims who line up in long queues.

We want porn to be boring, say Pornhub owners

Governments should stop cracking down on porn websites and instead take pride in sexual expression and help to make porn normal and "boring", the new owner of Pornhub told AFP. Canadian private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners bought Pornhub's parent MindGeek three months ago, bringing under its control a stable of other sites including YouPorn.. In France, website owners and regulators have been locked in talks for months on how to make a 2020 age verification law work in practice.

Huge crowds circle Kaaba as hajj begins in Saudi heat

Vast crowds of robed pilgrims made solemn circles around the Kaaba, the black cube at Mecca's Grand Mosque, on Sunday as the biggest hajj pilgrimage in years began in the heat of the Saudi summer.. The hajj began early on Sunday with the "tawaf" -– the circumambulation of the Kaaba, the large cubic structure draped in black cloth with gold trimmings that millions of Muslims pray towards every day.

Aircraft used for 'death flights' returns to Argentina

A cargo plane used by military henchmen during Argentina's "dirty war" to fly leftists over the ocean and push them to their deaths has been brought back to the country, where it may go on display in a museum on the horrors of dictatorship.. Some 30,000 people disappeared during the Argentine military's "dirty war" against leftist subversion.

Biden vows to fight Republicans' 'extreme' anti-abortion agenda

A year after US Supreme Court scrapped the constitutional right to abortion in the United States, President Joe Biden on Saturday vowed to fight against the "extreme and dangerous" effort by Republicans to curb access to the procedure nationwide.. Biden warned that Republicans were working to enact a nationwide abortion ban.

Singapore holds first LGBTQ rally since gay sex decriminalised

Hundreds of people wearing pink attended Singapore's annual "Pink Dot" LGBTQ rally on Saturday, the first to be held since the city-state decriminalised gay sex last year.. Singapore's "Pink Dot" gay rights rally started in 2009 and has regularly attracted sizeable crowds despite a backlash from some quarters.