Nigeria struggles with dream to rule Africa's eSports

At the very last second, the Lagos professional gamer wins his battle of "Street Fighter", sending the crowd into roars of joy, a scene unimaginable a few years ago in Nigeria, where the eSports is now in full bloom.. Competitors battled it out in popular eSports games like "Call of Duty: Mobile", "Street Fighter" and "FIFA". 

Liverpool gets by with a little help from The Beatles

It was once a thriving maritime hub, including for the transatlantic slave trade, but after years of industrial decline, Liverpool's economy is getting a boost from its most famous sons.. Almost half of Liverpool's business tax revenue comes from tourism, local councillor Harry Doyle told AFP. Beatles-related tourism is worth about £120 million ($152 million) per year and supports some 2,500 jobs, according to local government data.

The enduring allure of the Titanic

Since it sank on its maiden voyage more than a century ago, the Titanic has had an unshakeable grip on the public imagination.. - Palace of luxury - RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage in April 1912 from Southampton, England bound for New York.

Elton John and Guns N'Roses primed as Glastonbury music festival opens

The iconic Glastonbury Festival opened its doors on Wednesday, with a torrential downpour threatening  to turn the famous site into a mudbath for the 200,000 music fans set to descend on a farm in southwest England to see acts including Arctic Monkeys, Guns N'Roses and Elton John.   .. Dairy farmer Eavis first organised the festival in southwest England in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix died, and fans who came to see acts including Marc Bolan and Al Stewart paid £1 each for entry and received free milk from the farm.

Top French court drops rape case against filmmaker Luc Besson

France's top appeals court on Wednesday rejected a request to reopen a rape claim against film director Luc Besson, ending one of the most high-profile cases to emerge in the country's MeToo movement against sexual assault.. She filed the initial complaint for rape in May 2018 hours after meeting Besson, before filing another complaint two months later for other alleged rapes and sexual assaults.

Influencer Andrew Tate fights Romania house arrest

Influencer Andrew Tate and his brother appeared in court in Romania Wednesday, their lawyers arguing that the pair, indicted on human trafficking charges, should no longer be under house arrest.. Tate, his brother and two Romanian women were detained late last year and then placed under house arrest at the end of March.

Five trends from Milan men's fashion week

Men's fashion week wraps up in Milan Tuesday after five days of catwalk shows presenting the luxury market's Spring-Summer 2024 collections.. But spoilsport Giorgio Armani, 88, issued his own rule on shorts during fashion week, saying that "Bermuda shorts mean being on a beach or out and about for the holidays."

Pharrell breaks down barriers between fashion and music

Paris became a playground for Pharrell Williams and his celeb friends at his debut show for Louis Vuitton, collapsing the distance between fashion, music and money-spinning publicity.. Williams appears to be taking the job seriously, having moved his family to Paris and setting up a music studio at Louis Vuitton's headquarters to balance his professions.

Lost Rembrandt portraits to be sold after 200 years

As family heirlooms go, it doesn't get much better than a pair of Rembrandt portraits that the world had forgotten about for 200 years.. "I was really staggered to discover that the pictures had never really been researched and never been addressed in any of the literature on Rembrandt over the course of 200 years."

'Divas' come to London for major new V&A exhibition

From 19th-century opera singers to the youngest modern pop superstars, "divas" are taking centre stage at a major new exhibition in London.. "From the early 19th century opera singers that commissioned their own couture gowns to the kind of contemporary catwalk, from the Met Gala to the stage, the diva look and the diva expressing themselves through fashion is incredibly important" curator Kate Bailey told AFP. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey across two centuries of female empowerment, from the first use of the Italian word meaning "goddess" to describe opera greats such as soprano Adelina Patti.