'Divas' come to London for major new V&A exhibition

From 19th-century opera singers to the youngest modern pop superstars, "divas" are taking centre stage at a major new exhibition in London.. "From the early 19th century opera singers that commissioned their own couture gowns to the kind of contemporary catwalk, from the Met Gala to the stage, the diva look and the diva expressing themselves through fashion is incredibly important" curator Kate Bailey told AFP. The exhibition takes visitors on a journey across two centuries of female empowerment, from the first use of the Italian word meaning "goddess" to describe opera greats such as soprano Adelina Patti.

Michael Jackson's moonwalk fedora up for auction in Paris

The black fedora worn by pop superstar Michael Jackson just before he dazzled the world with his moonwalk dance for the first time will be up for grabs in September during a Paris auction of music memorabilia.. The hat, with an estimated value of 60,000 to 100,000 euros ($65,000-$110,000), will be the star attraction at an auction of rock-and-roll items by Drouot on September 26.

Elton John and Guns N'Roses primed as Glastonbury music festival opens

The iconic Glastonbury Festival opens its doors on Wednesday, with 200,000 music fans set to descend on a farm in southwest England to see acts including Arctic Monkeys, Guns N'Roses and Elton John.. Dairy farmer Eavis first organised the festival in southwest England in 1970, the day after Jimi Hendrix died, and fans who came to see acts including Marc Bolan and Al Stewart paid £1 each for entry and received free milk from the farm.

New generation of Moroccan filmmakers shines at Cannes

A new, young generation of Moroccan filmmakers last month stepped into the limelight to make its debut at France's Cannes Film Festival -- snatching three prestigious awards.. "The Moroccan films screened at Cannes represent some of the best in the history of cinema in Morocco," said film critic Bilal Marmid, who covered the two-week festival on the French Riviera.

Game changer: Final Fantasy's decades of reinvention

With its innovative plotlines and steampunk airships, video game franchise Final Fantasy has delighted fans and critics for 35 years.. Other poorly rated Final Fantasy films followed -- but one better-received adaptation was a traditional kabuki theatre version of the 10th game, performed in Tokyo this year.

Stockton Rush, Titanic sub's deep-sea 'daredevil'

Deep-sea thrill-seeker Stockton Rush founded OceanGate in 2009 with the hopes of advancing submersible vehicle technology and taking travelers into the darkest depths of the ocean. . Rush has downplayed the risk of going to the depths of the ocean, saying that he was more concerned by the unexpected.

Tattoo artists ink masterpieces at Rembrandt house

Visitors to the museum of Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam will have the chance to get their own permanent work by the 17th century master this week. . Lilian Ramcharan, the first to get her tattoo, smiles as he inks her shoulder blade with a famous drawing of a 17th century elephant, following one of Rembrandt's works.

Hot new fashion talent Burc Akyol makes 'magic with little'

While the fashion world braced for the celeb juggernaut of Pharrell Williams's first show in Paris on Tuesday, a young designer was making his own modest splash with a debut below his own home. . For now, his Paris apartment doubles as his workshop, with a bedroom cluttered with designs.