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Argentina, Brazil take aim at EU's environmental trade deal conditions

Argentina and Brazil, South America's largest economies, took aim Tuesday at an "unacceptable" EU stance in negotiations with the Mercosur bloc for a free trade deal long delayed due to stated European environmental concerns.. Mercosur countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay reached an agreement in principle with the 27-member European Union in 2019 after two decades of tough negotiations.

We may be underestimating the climate risk to crops: researchers

The risks of harvest failures in multiple global breadbaskets have been underestimated, according to a study Tuesday that researchers said should be a "wake up call" about the threat climate change poses to our food systems.. Kornhuber said the study should be a "a wake up call in terms of our uncertainties" of the impacts of climate change on the food sector, with more frequent and intense weather extremes and increasingly complicated combinations of extremes.

Carbon 'capture' climate tech is booming, and confusing

Humanity's failure to draw down planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions -- 41 billion tonnes in 2022 -- has thrust once-marginal options for capping or reducing CO2 in the atmosphere to centre stage in climate policy and investment.. Unlike CCS, which by itself only prevents additional carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, DAC extracts CO2 molecules already there. 

Ex-Audi boss appeals 'dieselgate' conviction

Audi's former chief executive is appealing against his conviction over the "dieselgate" emissions cheating scandal that rocked the car industry, a German court said Tuesday.. They had originally sought jail time for the executive, who admitted to judges that he had helped arrange the installation of emissions-cheating software.

Billion-euro bill for business as France hopes riots over

Joseph Guret surveyed the charred remains of his tobacco shop outside Paris, one of the hundreds of businesses ransacked in riots that have caused an estimated one billion euros across France.. President Emmanuel Macron suggested Tuesday that the "peak" of rioting "has passed", while remaining "cautious" for the coming days.

UN warns world to prepare for El Nino impact

The United Nations on Tuesday warned the world to prepare for the effects of El Nino, saying the weather phenomenon which triggers higher global temperatures is set to persist throughout 2023.. "The effect of El Nino is usually perceived with a delay in time," he added, with an eye on global temperatures increasing further.

EU 'concerned' about China's curbs on rare metals

The European Commission said Tuesday it was "concerned" about China's decision to impose export controls on two rare metals vital for making semiconductors amid an escalating tech battle between Washington and Beijing.. China's trade ministry on Monday said exports of gallium and germanium would need a licence from August 1 in the name of "security and national interests".

Twitter chaos leaves door open for Meta's rival app

Elon Musk spent the weekend further alienating Twitter users with more drastic changes to the social media giant, and he is facing a new challenge as tech nemesis Mark Zuckerberg prepares to launch a rival app this week.. Many social media users speculated that Musk had simply failed to pay the bill for his servers.

Apple, other firms say they meet EU 'gatekeeper' definition

Seven tech giants, including Amazon and Apple, have informed the European Union they meet the threshold to come under landmark new rules to curb their market dominance, Brussels said Tuesday.. The firms -- Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, TikTok owner ByteDance, Facebook umbrella Meta, Microsoft and Samsung -- said they had revenue and user figures big enough to be classed as "gatekeepers", EU internal market commissioner Thierry Breton said.

UN talks aim to harness AI power and potential

The United Nations is convening this week a global gathering to try to map out the frontiers of artificial intelligence and to harness its potential for empowering humanity.. - 'Perfect storm' - "We're kind of in a perfect storm of suddenly having this powerful new technology -- I don't think it's super-intelligent -- being spread very widely and empowered in our lives, and we're really not prepared," said serial AI entrepreneur Gary Marcus.