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Polluting shipping to face climate reckoning

The hefty carbon footprint of global shipping networks that crisscross our oceans and keep the world's economy afloat will come under scrutiny next week, as countries wrestle over measures to slash planet-heating pollution.. - Global levy - But a potential deal on another flagship proposal -- to introduce a global levy on shipping emissions -- is going to be a harder sell.

French tourism sector faces cancellations over unrest

Days of violent protests across France after the fatal police shooting of a teenager have started to impact the country's tourism sector, with hotels and restaurants facing cancellations while some have also suffered damage in the unrest.. - Security concerns - The GHR organisation for independent hotels and restaurants in France deplored that "foreign (TV networks) are starting to show images of Paris on fire and blood, which does not correspond to reality". 

US warns firms over new Chinese 'counter-espionage' law

US intelligence warned companies operating in China Friday over the impact of Beijing's new counter-espionage law coming into force on July 1.. "The laws may also compel locally-employed PRC nationals of US firms to assist in PRC intelligence efforts," it said, referring to the People's Republic of China (PRC).

July 4th weekend celebrations to test US travel system

America's stressed travel infrastructure faces a major test this weekend as it contends with record turnout expected for the annual July 4th festivities.. A record 50.7 million Americans are expected to venture at least 50 miles (80 kilometers) from home in the period heading into July 4th, eclipsing the prior peak of 49 million in 2019, according to the American Automobile Association.

Rioters target Apple Store in daylight looting in French city

Young rioters went on a daylight looting spree Friday in the French city of Strasbourg, targeting an Apple Store and other shops following the fatal shooting of a teen by a policeman near Paris.. Fearing an outbreak of vandalism, police had earlier locked down access to a shopping mall in the centre of the eastern French city, where one of the Apple Store's entrances is located.

Kenya's president to get pay hike as economy suffers

Kenya's president, his deputy and other state officials are set to receive pay rises despite citizens facing deep economic hardship and higher taxes, according to a government document seen by AFP Friday.. Ruto himself weighed in on the issue on Friday, urging the SRC to reconsider the hikes for top government officials.

July 4th weekend celebration to test US travel system

Travel experts are predicting record volumes for the July 4th weekend, with road traffic peaking Friday as Americans contend with the elements to take part in the annual summer celebration.. A record 50.7 million Americans are expected to venture at least 50 miles from home in the period heading into July 4th, eclipsing the prior peak of 49 million in 2019, according to the American Automobile Association.

Major firms warn EU over AI regulation risks

More than 150 leading companies warned the EU's plans to regulate artificial intelligence risk harming Europe's competitiveness and do not go far enough to tackle challenges, in a letter seen by AFP Friday.. "In our assessment, the draft legislation would jeopardise Europe's competitiveness and technological sovereignty without effectively tackling the challenges we are and will be facing," executives from France's Airbus, Peugeot and Renault, Germany's Siemens, and Facebook parent firm Meta said in the open letter to EU institutions.

EU eyes 3 bn euros a year for Ukraine from Russian asset tax

The European Union could raise three billion euros a year for Ukraine's reconstruction by taxing the interest earned by Russian central bank assets frozen in the bloc, Belgium's prime minister said Friday.. EU diplomats say that about 100 billion euros of the Russian central bank assets is in cash, earning roughly 3 percent, and that is what would be subject to the tax. 

US Fed's favored inflation gauge declined sharply in May

The US inflation measure most closely watched by the Federal Reserve declined sharply in May, official figures showed Friday, returning to a downward trend after a jump a month earlier.. The personal consumption expenditures (PCE) index measure of inflation eased to 3.8 percent year-on-year in May, a significant drop from 4.3 percent a month earlier, the Commerce Department said in a statement.