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Israel approves buying 25 new F-35 stealth fighter jets: ministry

Israel has approved buying a third squadron of advanced F-35 fighter jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin in a $3-billion deal, the defence ministry said on Sunday.. The deal to purchase 25 F-35 jets -- expected to be signed in coming months -- will expand the country's fleet of the aircraft to 75, a ministry statement said.

Nestle steps up reforestation project in Ivory Coast

Nestle is stepping up its project to combat deforestation in Ivory Coast caused by the growth of cocoa farming, bringing cocoa trading companies directly on board.. - Plenty at stake - For its second three-year phase, the Swiss trading company Cocoasource and the French firm Touton, which work directly with cocoa and rubber cooperatives in the area affected, have been brought on board.

Culture wars put American companies on the defensive

Boycotting a beer, attacking products celebrating the LGBTQ community, and criticizing shareholders for promoting diversity: In the face of growing criticism from conservatives, American companies are backtracking on progressive corporate initiatives. . The sharp reactions to some company initiatives have been amplified by political leaders including Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, who targeted Disney over some of its progressive positions.

In AI tussle, Twitter restricts number of posts users can read

Elon Musk announced Saturday that Twitter would temporarily restrict how many tweets users could read per day, in a move meant to tamp down on the use of the site's data by artificial intelligence companies.. The day before, Musk had announced that it would no longer be possible to read tweets on the site without an account.

PM Hun Sen says Facebook reps no longer allowed in Cambodia

Prime Minister Hun Sen has backed down from threats to cut off access to Facebook in Cambodia, even as he declared the company's representatives would no longer be welcome in the country.. Hun Sen did, however, say the social media giant's representatives would "no longer be allowed in Cambodia".

Polluting shipping to face climate reckoning

The hefty carbon footprint of global shipping networks that crisscross our oceans and keep the world's economy afloat will come under scrutiny next week, as countries wrestle over measures to slash planet-heating pollution.. - Global levy - But a potential deal on another flagship proposal -- to introduce a global levy on shipping emissions -- is going to be a harder sell.

French tourism sector faces cancellations over unrest

Days of violent protests across France after the fatal police shooting of a teenager have started to impact the country's tourism sector, with hotels and restaurants facing cancellations while some have also suffered damage in the unrest.. - Security concerns - The GHR organisation for independent hotels and restaurants in France deplored that "foreign (TV networks) are starting to show images of Paris on fire and blood, which does not correspond to reality". 

US warns firms over new Chinese 'counter-espionage' law

US intelligence warned companies operating in China Friday over the impact of Beijing's new counter-espionage law coming into force on July 1.. "The laws may also compel locally-employed PRC nationals of US firms to assist in PRC intelligence efforts," it said, referring to the People's Republic of China (PRC).

July 4th weekend celebrations to test US travel system

America's stressed travel infrastructure faces a major test this weekend as it contends with record turnout expected for the annual July 4th festivities.. A record 50.7 million Americans are expected to venture at least 50 miles (80 kilometers) from home in the period heading into July 4th, eclipsing the prior peak of 49 million in 2019, according to the American Automobile Association.