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China cities under heavy policing after protests

China's major cities of Beijing and Shanghai were blanketed with security on Tuesday in the wake of nationwide rallies calling for political freedoms and an end to Covid lockdowns.. People in the city of four million, some of whom have been confined to their homes for weeks on end, can also travel around on buses to run errands within their home districts starting Tuesday, officials said.

Asian markets mostly rise after calm night in China

Asian equities rose and the dollar weakened Tuesday as China avoided another night of protests after a weekend of unrest across the country fuelled uncertainty in the world's number two economy.. China was rocked by demonstrations at the weekend calling for more political freedoms and an end to the country's long-running and economically painful zero-Covid strategy that has seen millions thrown into lockdown for months.

Musk signals Twitter going to 'war' with Apple

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Monday opened fire against Apple over its tight control of what is allowed on the App Store, saying the iPhone maker has threatened to oust his recently acquired social media platform.. To be allowed on the Apple and Google app stores, social networking services must have effective systems for moderating harmful or abusive content.

Kim Kardashian 're-evaluating' Balenciaga ties after controversial ads

Reality show star and social media titan Kim Kardashian said she is "re-evaluating" her involvement with luxury fashion house Balenciaga, after it apologized for ads featuring children holding teddy bears wearing what critics called bondage gear.. Two of them showed young children holding handbags in the shape of teddy bears, which were wearing black leather straps with silver studs.

Britain U-turns over energy-saving publicity drive

Britain on Monday unveiled an energy-saving campaign to encourage lower consumption this winter -- a policy U-turn -- and increased financial help for home insulation.. "Our new public information campaign will also give people the tools they need to reduce their energy use while keeping warm this winter," added Business and Energy Secretary Grant Shapps.

Austrian trains grind to halt as rail workers strike

Trains across Austria ground to a halt Monday as rail workers went on a 24-hour strike to demand higher pay.. For this reason, no trains can run all day throughout Austria and across borders," rail operator OeBB wrote on its website.

Barclays bank says CEO has cancer, to remain in post

British bank Barclays on Monday said its chief executive C.S. Venkatakrishnan is suffering from cancer and will remain in the top post while undergoing treatment.. Venkatakrishnan said his treatment, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, would likely last 12 to 16 weeks.