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EU strikes deal to give users more control over data

The EU has reached an agreement giving users greater access to their data and control over how the digital information is used by companies.. With the climbing use of internet-connected products, there has been an explosion in how much data is available and the EU says it wants to make sure European citizens wrestle control from companies.

New Zealand PM scores trade deals on China trip

China and New Zealand on Wednesday signed a string of agreements designed to boost trade between the two countries, as their leaders met in Beijing for talks.. Agreements were signed on trade, agriculture, forestry, education, and science and innovation.

Senegalese go wild for prized 'maad' fruit

Outside a bustling fruit market in Senegal's Dakar region, three trucks are blocking the road while a dozen men sweat to unload the precious cargo.. At the Sandika market in Pikine, workers laboured to empty the trucks that had just arrived, sorting the maad according to ripeness.

EU to take one giant leap towards digital euro

The EU will take the next crucial step on Wednesday towards launching a digital version of the euro, a controversial project that has come under attack from the public, politicians and banks before it even exists.. The move to create a digital version of the single currency began in 2020 when European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde suggested the idea and the Frankfurt-based body launched a public consultation.

Israel enlists drones, AI and big data to farm for the future

As climate change and global population growth pose ever greater challenges for agriculture, Israeli technology offers a wealth of inventions and advanced tools to help farmers adapt.. One of the biggest challenges facing agriculture, according to Friedman, is a lack of people willing to work in the field.

Markets mixed as upbeat US data plays against rates outlook

Asian markets were mixed Wednesday as investors weighed data showing the US economy remained resilient in the face of rising interest rates against the prospect of more tightening to bring inflation under control.. The figures tempered fears that the world's top economy could tip into recession because of more than a year of rate hikes, and lifted hopes the US Federal Reserve could still guide it to a so-called soft landing by also bringing inflation down to its two percent target.

Fewer buyers for Eid camels as Pakistanis count the rupees

Teenager Amanullah Khan teeters on his tiptoes, daubing towering camels with festive henna patterns to entice Eid al-Adha customers at a market near the Pakistan capital.. Hundreds of farmers have camped at livestock markets between Islamabad and its twin city Rawalpindi for two weeks, hoping to sell animals ahead of the annual holy festival starting Thursday in Pakistan.

Got weeds? US environmentalists call in the G.O.A.T.s

The landscaping squad of Mocha, Wynonna, Nelson and Beckham yank out weeds at a Texas park.. They are removing plants such as ligustrum, a highly invasive shrub that can take water and nutrients away from the older oak trees the park seeks to protect, Carr tells AFP.  The 36-year-old and his wife Carolyn own the Texas franchise of Rent-a-Ruminant, which operates in several states.

Slow post-Covid recovery for Cuban tourism

Cuba, which relies heavily on the tourist dollars of visitors to its pristine Caribbean beaches and colorful towns, has experienced a frustrating scarcity of foreigners since the end of the coronavirus pandemic.. Tourists are not always spared the shortages blamed on the US blockade and a lack of foreign exchange.

At Toronto tech show, second thoughts emerge over AI

Months after the spectacular launch of ChatGPT, the AI revolution is well underway but hints of caution are emerging, especially over letting one or two companies reign supreme.. Microsoft's investment of billions of dollars into OpenAI launched an AI arms race, with Google following course by ramping up its release of AI-infused products, goading any company involved with technology to hurry out new capabilities.