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Falsehoods plague elections as voters tackle Trumpian tactics

From the United States to Brazil and Israel, a barrage of election-related misinformation hammered voters around the world in 2022, but many pushed back against the conspiracy-laden Trumpian tactic of sowing distrust in the democratic process.. Candidates around the world borrowed from Donald Trump's playbook in peddling unfounded allegations of election fraud, but in countries such as the United States and Brazil many voters appeared to reject the narrative.

Prime time or Netflix? Streaming wars come to Thailand

International streaming platforms were among the biggest pandemic winners, seeing subscriber numbers soar, but US giants have turned abroad as countries re-opened -- with Thailand firmly in their sights.. "We do believe that Thailand will be a big part of our subscriber growth in the years to come," said Prime Video's director of international development Josh McIvor.

Germany's homegrown cannabis industry awaits legalisation

In the east German countryside, close to Dresden, a former abattoir is now home to the biggest indoor cannabis farm in Europe.. Sanity Group, a German company that focuses on cannabis-derived products, likewise raised $37.6 million in September.

Asian equities, oil prices dragged by recession fears

Asian investors extended a sell-off across global markets Wednesday while oil held losses on growing fears Federal Reserve monetary tightening will tip the US economy into recession.. JPMorgan Chase chief Jamie Dimon tipped a "mild to hard recession" and Goldman Sachs' David Solomon said jobs and pay would be hit, while Morgan Stanley and Bank of America were also uneasy about the outlook.

Xi travels to Saudi for three days of Mideast outreach

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for three days of meetings with regional leaders likely focused on energy. . Beyond energy, analysts say leaders from the two countries will likely discuss potential deals -- that could see Chinese firms become more deeply involved in mega-projects that are central to Prince Mohammed's vision of diversifying the Saudi economy away from oil.

UK pubs feel Christmas pressure as inflation bites

Inside the Mad Hatter pub in central London's South Bank district, everything is ready: the big tree, the bright lights, the fun Christmas signage. . Back at the Mad Hatter, John Paul Caffery, the owner of a technology consulting company, noted this year's Christmas party "is definitely more expensive than last year".

Apple loosens tight grip on App Store pricing

Apple on Tuesday announced the biggest upgrade to the App Store pricing system since the launch of the shop, allowing developers to charge from 29 cents to $10,000 for their offerings.. Under the updated pricing system, developers will be able to choose from 900 price points, which is nearly 10 times the number of pricing options previously available for app makers, Apple said.

Hungary scraps petrol price caps amid fuel shortage

Hungary on Tuesday abolished petrol price caps after a fuel shortage led to "panic buying" at petrol stations with Hungarian energy giant MOL blaming the price limits. . The government-mandated price cap on vehicle fuel products has led foreign firms to cut fuel shipments to Hungary, according to the Association of Independent Petrol Stations.

'Avatar 2' gets world premiere in London

One of the most delayed sequels in blockbuster history finally hit the big screen on Tuesday as "Avatar: The Way of Water" got its much-anticipated world premiere in London. . But Cameron added he was confident that the sequel to his 2009 blockbuster delivers.