Tech News

After long wait, Virgin Galactic begins commercial spaceflights

Virgin Galactic is set Thursday to finally begin commercial spaceflights, a major milestone for the company founded in 2004 by British billionaire Richard Branson.. But the company subsequently faced setbacks, including a brief grounding by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which found the Branson flight deviated from its assigned airspace and Virgin Galactic did not communicate the "mishap" as required.

Hollywood braced for 'double strike' as actors' deadline looms

Hollywood's summer of discontent could dramatically escalate this weekend, with actors ready to join writers in a massive "double strike" that would bring nearly all US film and television productions to a halt.. While the writers' strike has already dramatically reduced the number of movies and shows in production, an actors' walkout would shutter almost everything.

'Godfather of AI' urges governments to face dangers

Geoffrey Hinton, one of the so-called "godfathers" of artificial intelligence, urged governments on Wednesday to step in and make sure that machines do not take control of society.. "The wealth isn't going to go to the people doing the work, it is going to go into making the rich richer and not the poorer and that's a very bad society," he added.

Diageo ditches Diddy over brand neglect and racism claim

Drinks giant Diageo on Wednesday said it had ended its relationship with Sean "Diddy" Combs after the US rapper accused it of neglecting their business agreement and racism.. On Wednesday, a Diageo spokesperson said: "Mr Combs' bad-faith actions have clearly breached his contracts and left us no choice but to move to dismiss his baseless complaint and end our business relationship.

Swiss want moratorium on deep-sea mining

Switzerland, a global commodities trading hub, decided Wednesday to push for a moratorium on commercial exploitation of the international seabed area, which has enormous mineral resources.. Switzerland is a stronghold for commodity trading.

Norway angers climate activists with fossil fuel projects

Norway's government gave the green light Wednesday to 19 oil and gas projects worth more than 200 billion kroner ($18.6 billion), a decision that outraged climate activists.. "This is 200 billion kroner invested to reinforce the climate crisis and destroy our joint future," said Halvard Haga Raavand from Greenpeace.

EU strikes deal to give users more control over data

The EU has reached an agreement giving users greater access to their data and control over how the digital information is used by companies.. With the climbing use of internet-connected products, there has been an explosion in how much data is available and the EU says it wants to make sure European citizens wrestle control from companies.

New Zealand PM scores trade deals on China trip

China and New Zealand on Wednesday signed a string of agreements designed to boost trade between the two countries, as their leaders met in Beijing for talks.. Agreements were signed on trade, agriculture, forestry, education, and science and innovation.

Senegalese go wild for prized 'maad' fruit

Outside a bustling fruit market in Senegal's Dakar region, three trucks are blocking the road while a dozen men sweat to unload the precious cargo.. At the Sandika market in Pikine, workers laboured to empty the trucks that had just arrived, sorting the maad according to ripeness.

EU to take one giant leap towards digital euro

The EU will take the next crucial step on Wednesday towards launching a digital version of the euro, a controversial project that has come under attack from the public, politicians and banks before it even exists.. The move to create a digital version of the single currency began in 2020 when European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde suggested the idea and the Frankfurt-based body launched a public consultation.