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Afghan Taliban order women's beauty parlours to shut

Afghanistan's Taliban authorities have ordered beauty parlours across the country to shut within a month, the vice ministry confirmed Tuesday, the latest curb to further squeeze women out of public life.. Beauty parlours mushroomed across Kabul and other Afghan cities in the 20 years that US-led forces occupied the country.

Xi urges Shanghai alliance solidarity, Putin praises support

China's Xi Jinping urged the leaders of Russia, Iran and other Shanghai alliance states on Tuesday to boost ties and resist sanctions, as Vladimir Putin thanked the bloc for support during a failed rebellion.. "Russia is confidently resisting and will continue to resist external pressure, sanctions and provocations," Putin told the bloc.

Legal battle looms over London's expanding vehicle pollution fee

A UK court will on Tuesday consider contentious plans to extend a scheme obliging the most polluting vehicles to pay for using London's roads, as opponents engage in protests -- and even sabotage.. The scheme -- first introduced in 2019 and separate from the city's two-decades-old congestion charge -- requires more polluting vehicles to pay a £12.50 ($16) toll on days they are driven within inner London. 

Polish mountaineer dies on Pakistan's 'killer mountain'

A Polish mountaineer has died after summiting the world's ninth-highest peak, officials said Tuesday, becoming the first casualty reported in Pakistan's climbing season.. Five of the globe's 14 mountains above 8,000 metres are in Pakistan -- including Himalayan peak Nanga Parbat, which earned the nickname "killer mountain" after more than 30 people died trying to climb it before the first successful summit in 1953.

Wanted activists should surrender or 'spend days in fear': Hong Kong leader

Hong Kong's leader has called on eight overseas activists to turn themselves in a day after police put out bounties on them for violating the city's national security law.. Asked about the criticism abroad, Hong Kong leader Lee replied that the city was not unique in having a national security law that was enforceable internationally.

'Well known' that Kevin Spacey was 'up to no good', UK court told

A man who claims that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him said the Hollywood actor was an aggressive "predator" uncomfortable with his sexuality, a London court was told on Monday.. It makes me feel sick," he told police, describing Spacey as a "predator" who was "aggressive".

UK saw hottest June on record in 2023: Met Office

The UK this year has seen its hottest June on record, both in terms of mean temperature and the average maximum temperature, the British Meteorological Office said Monday.. Last year England had its joint hottest summer on record, tied with 2018, and the fourth hottest for the whole of the UK, leading to school closures and train cancellations. 

International office probing Russia over Ukraine war opens

An international office to probe Russia for the war crime of aggression opened in The Hague on Monday in what Ukraine called a "truly historic" first step towards a tribunal for Moscow's leadership. . Calls for a special tribunal on Ukraine have mounted because of the inability to prosecute aggression by the ICC, a war crimes court which is also based in The Hague.

Major Israeli military operation kills eight in West Bank

Israel on Monday began a large-scale military raid including drone strikes and hundreds of troops in the northern occupied West Bank, killing eight Palestinians in what the army labelled an "extensive counterterrorism effort.". In another rare action that same week, the Israeli military said it carried out a drone strike to kill three members of a "terrorist cell" in the West Bank.

Bye bye 'Barbie': Vietnam bans new movie over South China Sea map

Vietnam has banned the upcoming "Barbie" movie from cinemas over scenes with a map showing China's claims to territory in the South China Sea, state media reported Monday.. And in 2018, Vietnam cut a scene from the romantic comedy "Crazy Rich Asians" that featured a designer bag with a map of the world showing the disputed South China Sea islands under Beijing's control.