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Crunch weekend for crisis-hit Credit Suisse

Troubled Credit Suisse has two days to reassure before the markets open Monday with the spectre of a new turbulent week in global finance looming.. After a turbulent week on the stock market which forced the SNB to step in with a $53.7 billion lifeline, Credit Suisse was worth just over $8.7 billion on Friday evening. 

Pakistan ex-PM Imran Khan fears arrest as he heads to court

Pakistan's former prime minister Imran Khan said on Saturday he expected to be arrested as he headed to court on graft charges, after days of legal wrangling and pitched battles between his supporters and police.. Earlier this week Khan's supporters fought pitched battles with police sent to arrest him in the eastern city of Lahore after he failed to appear in court, citing security concerns.

Will Russia's Vladimir Putin really ever be arrested?

The International Criminal Court has taken the major step of issuing an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin over the Ukraine war.. Matthew Waxman, a professor at Columbia Law School, said it was a "very significant step by the ICC but that the chances are slim that we will ever see Putin arrested". 

'I'M BACK': Trump returns to Facebook, YouTube after ban lifted

Former president Donald Trump wrote his first posts on his reinstated Facebook and YouTube accounts Friday, more than two years after he was banned over the US Capitol insurrection.. He was sanctioned for posting content that the platforms said incited unrest, with YouTube announcing his reinstatement on Friday, two months after Facebook said it was unlocking his account.

Cyclone Freddy affects 500,000 people in Malawi: UN

Cyclone Freddy, which dissipated this week after a record-breaking rampage, has caused more than 460 deaths in southern Africa and affected more than half a million people in Malawi, the UN said Friday.. Some 360 people have died in Malawi, according to the latest toll released late Friday, in a country of nearly 20 million people.

'The Wire' star Lance Reddick dead at 60: publicist

Actor Lance Reddick who played steely Baltimore police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in hit TV show "The Wire" has died, his publicist said Friday.. "Acclaimed actor Lance Reddick passed away suddenly this morning from natural causes," publicist Mia Hansen told AFP. "Lance will be greatly missed."

Credit Suisse at a crossroads as stocks slide again

Credit Suisse shares fell again Friday despite being bolstered by the Swiss central bank as investors worry about which road the embattled lender will take to try and restore confidence.. After recovering some ground on Thursday, Credit Suisse shares closed down eight percent on Friday at 1.86 Swiss francs each as the Zurich-based lender struggled to regain the confidence of investors.

ICC issues war crimes arrest warrant for Putin

The International Criminal Court on Friday announced an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin on the war crime accusation of unlawfully deporting Ukrainian children.. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev added on Twitter that the ICC "has issued an arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin.

Mountain forests disappearing at alarming rate: study

Logging, wildfires and farming are causing mountain forests, habitat to 85 percent of the world's birds, mammals and amphibians, to vanish at an alarming rate, according to a study published on Friday.. Commercial forestry was responsible for 42 percent of mountain forest loss, followed by wildfires (29 percent), shifting cultivation (15 percent), and permanent or semi-permanent commodity agriculture (10 percent), the study said.