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Jumbo problem: Sri Lanka's battle with plastic pollution

Heart-wrenching images of revered elephants and cattle eating plastic in Sri Lanka have prompted politicians to toughen pollution laws, but sceptical conservationists warn past bans were repeatedly ignored.. After an estimated 20 elephant deaths and countless other wild animals perishing due to single-use plastics in the past decade, officials say a law banning many such items is expected to come into force within weeks.

Putin accuses West of wanting Russians 'to kill each other' in mutiny

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday accused Ukraine and its Western allies of wanting Russians to "kill each other" during a revolt by mercenaries of the Wagner group, which stunned the country with an aborted march on Moscow over the weekend.. They wanted Russian soldiers to kill each other," Putin said.

US LGBTQ club shooting suspect pleads guilty

A 23-year-old who shot five people dead at an LGBTQ club in the US state of Colorado last year pleaded guilty on Monday and will face life in prison.. Aldrich was overpowered by patrons of Club Q in Colorado Springs after opening fire with an AR-15-style assault rifle, killing five people and injuring 18.

East German anger boils over in far-right win

Angry voters where Germany's far-right AfD party won its first district election over the weekend say they were out to punish the political establishment in Europe's top economy.. It stunned the political establishment when it took around 13 percent of votes in the 2017 general elections, catapulting nearly 100 lawmakers into the German parliament.

Mitsotakis back as Greek premier after election landslide

Conservative leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis embarked Monday on his second term as Greece's prime minister with a vow to accelerate institutional and economic reforms, after voters handed him a huge election victory for the second time in five weeks.. Mitsotakis, who first became prime minister in 2019, has not only vowed to make economic stability a feature of his new term. 

Putin: the beginning of the end?

The revolt by the Wagner mercenary group has exposed glaring weaknesses in the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin, raising questions over his capacity to weather the growing threats to his political survival, analysts say.. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whose administration was according to the New York Times aware of Prigozhin's intentions days before he launched the munity, said the revolt "raises profound questions.

Pakistan says 102 in military court over ex-PM Khan arrest violence

More than 100 people are being tried in Pakistan military courts over violence that erupted following the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan last month, the army said Monday.. Khan's arrest on graft charges at the Islamabad High Court on May 9 sparked deadly street violence, with thousands of supporters clashing with police and some setting fire to military buildings. "102 miscreants are being tried in the already established military courts in connection with the cases," Chaudhry said.

Beck and Phoenix: old friends unite for summer

It feels so natural a collaboration that the only surprise is it didn't happen before: indie favourites Beck and Phoenix have teamed up for a new single and summer tour. . The two friends will reconnect from August 1 for the North American summer tour, titled "Summer Odyssey".

Huge crowds swarm from Mecca for hajj climax

Hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims walked or rode buses Monday to a giant tented city near Mecca for the climax of the annual hajj that Saudi officials say could break attendance records.. Pilgrims in robes and sandals, many carrying umbrellas against the beating sun, undertook the journey on foot or crowded onto hundreds of air-conditioned buses provided by Saudi authorities.