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Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief

A long-delayed conference on how to restore the faltering health of global oceans kicked off in Lisbon on Monday, with the head of the UN saying the world's seas are in crisis.. At the same time, scientists warn, a drastic reduction in greenhouse gases is needed to restore ocean health. mh/gil

Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland for 'Holyrood week'

Queen Elizabeth II travelled to Scotland on Monday for a week of royal events and took part in a ceremony in Edinburgh, despite question marks over her attendance.. In May, royal officials said the queen would not attend this summer's royal garden parties at Buckingham Palace and at Holyrood.

Afghan quake relief focus shifts to long term

International and local relief organisations are shifting their focus from the immediate to longer term for areas of Afghanistan hit by last week's killer earthquake, officials said Monday.. While aid and shelter have reached almost all areas affected, the longer-term prospects look bleak and assistance limited in a country already in the grip of a humanitarian crisis made worse since the Taliban's return to power in August.

Murdered rapper's song pulled from YouTube in India

YouTube has removed a viral music video in India released posthumously by murdered Sikh rapper Sidhu Moose Wala following a complaint by the government.. The track, released posthumously on Thursday, also touches on other sensitive topics such as deadly riots targeting the Sikh community that broke out in India in 1984 and the storming of an important Sikh temple in Amritsar by the army the same year.

Zelensky to press G7 for more help as war rages

President Volodymyr Zelensky will urge world powers to step up their support for Ukraine when he addresses the G7 summit on Monday, as Kyiv reels from the first Russian strikes on the capital in weeks.. Biden condemned the strikes, the first on the Ukrainian capital in almost three weeks, as "barbarism".

Abortion ban: one more obstacle faced by US servicewomen

Abortion bans enacted across America will be especially painful for women in the US military, one more hurdle they have to face in a man's world where sexual assault and unwanted pregnancies occur more often than in the rest of society.. However, Austin stopped short of announcing any new measures to help the more than 230,000 women serving in the US military, including at large military bases in conservative states such as Texas or Kentucky, which either already have or will soon enact sweeping abortion bans.

Egypt tries man over murder of student who refused advances

A trial began Sunday for an Egyptian man accused of stabbing a woman to death in a public street after she rejected his advances -- a case that has sparked widespread outrage.. Egyptian preacher Mabrouk Attia sparked outrage last week after suggesting that the victim would not have met the same fate had she been veiled.

Sri Lanka hikes fuel prices as US delegation arrives

Sri Lanka hiked fuel prices on Sunday, creating further pain for ordinary people as officials from the United States arrived for talks aimed at alleviating the island's dire economic crisis.. - US assesses crisis - A delegation from the US Treasury and the State Department arrived for talks to "explore the most effective ways for the US to support Sri Lankans in need", the US embassy in Colombo said.

Summer means suffering: how workers survive intense Gulf heat

Like millions of other migrant labourers in the Gulf, one of the world's hottest and driest regions, construction worker B. Sajay does not welcome summer.. The imported labourers typically work on construction sites or collect rubbish, sweep the roads or deliver food.