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Russians 'fully occupy' Severodonetsk, shift focus to Lysychansk

Russia's army has "fully occupied" the key Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk after weeks of fighting, its mayor said, as Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to send nuclear-capable missiles to Belarus within months.. "The city has been fully occupied by the Russians," Mayor Oleksandr Striuk said Saturday.

Ukraine, hunger, inflation: G7 leaders navigate myriad of crises

G7 leaders including US President Joe Biden gather on Sunday in southern Germany, seeking emphatic backing for Ukraine against Russia's invasion while grappling with the intensifying global fallout of the war.. "Core problems that are on the top of mind for all of us" include "rising prices, supply chain disruptions all exacerbated by this war in Ukraine", said Kirby.

Check out the world's ugliest dog, Mr Happy Face

With a tuft of punk-style hair and a tongue sticking perennially out the side of his mouth, a dog named Mr Happy Face has been crowned the world's homeliest pooch.. She said Mr. Happy Face had previously lived with a person who hoarded and conditions were abominable.

Ecuador president faces ouster vote on 13th day of fuel price protests

Ecuador's president will face a no confidence vote Saturday, nearly two weeks into sometimes violent countrywide protests led by Indigenous groups against rising fuel prices and living costs.  . The government has rejected the protesters' demand for a fuel price cut, saying it would cost the government an unaffordable $1 billion per year. 

French government supports enshrining abortion in constitution

Politicians representing a parliamentary majority on Saturday voiced support for a bill enshrining abortion rights in France's constitution, after the US Supreme Court revoked the nationwide legal protection for American women to terminate pregnancies.. The leader of Macron's party in parliament on Saturday said she had tabled a bill to "enshrine the respect for abortion in our constitution" amid the rise of the far-right National Rally, a party she described as "fierce opponents" of abortion.

Taliban pledge no interference with quake aid, but many await relief

Afghanistan's Taliban rulers pledged on Saturday they would not interfere with international efforts to distribute aid to tens of thousands of people affected by this week's deadly earthquake.. Aid organisations have complained in the past that Taliban authorities have tried to divert aid to areas and people that supported their hardline insurgency -- or even seized goods to distribute themselves and claim the credit.

'A tragedy': Missouri's last abortion clinic draws protesters decrying ban

Standing outside what had been the last remaining abortion clinic in Missouri on Friday, Pamela Lukehart choked back tears as she recalled how things were before the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision enshrining a woman's right to the procedure.. The conservative-dominated Supreme Court on Friday overturned its monumental decision in Roe v.

Quake-hit Afghan village struggles back to life as aid trickles in

A ruined village in eastern Afghanistan, just 10 kilometres (six miles) from the epicentre of this week's deadly earthquake, is struggling back to life as aid trickles into the isolated region.. Many of the village dwellings, workshops and stores were destroyed by Wednesday's 5.9-magnitude earthquake, whose epicentre was recorded on the other side of the hills that flank it.

Ukraine forced to cede key battleground city

Ukrainian forces prepared Friday to retreat from the strategic city of Severodonetsk after weeks of fierce fighting, a setback that could pave the way for Russia to seize a larger swath of eastern Ukraine. . Russia has focused its offensive on the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine after being repelled from the capital Kyiv and other areas in the first weeks of the February invasion.

Five migrants die in mass attempt to enter Spain's Melilla

Five migrants were killed and dozens were injured when a huge crowd tried to cross from Morocco into Spain's Melilla enclave on Friday, the latest migrant tragedy at the doors of Europe.. He said 140 security personnel and 76 migrants were injured during the attempt to cross, the first such mass incursion since Spain and Morocco mended diplomatic relations last month.