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Argentine economy minister who renegotiated IMF debt resigns

Argentine economy minister Martin Guzman, who led debt renegotiations with the International Monetary Fund, announced his resignation Saturday, sparking fresh uncertainty in Latin America's third largest economy.. As economy minister, the 39-year-old Guzman was tasked with renegotiating a $44 billion debt with the IMF that Argentina insisted it could not afford to repay.

London marks 50 years of Pride

London on Saturday celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first Pride parade, marking half a century of progress in the fight for equality and tolerance but with warnings that more still needs to be done.. Now, with the rainbow flag of inclusion and tolerance spread ever more widely over the spectrum of human sexuality and gender, Pride in London is more celebration than protest.

Afghan clerics vow loyalty to Taliban, but no word on girls' schooling

Thousands of Afghan clerics pledged loyalty to the Taliban Saturday, but ended a three-day meeting without recommendations on how the hardline Islamist group should govern the crisis-hit country.. Taliban officials presented the gathering as an opportunity for clerics to independently say how they wanted the country to be governed, but the meeting's final declaration was mostly a regurgitation of their own doctrine.

High up in Turkish valleys, Afghan shepherds dream of home

In Turkish mountains so high the silver clouds almost touch the top of his head, the homesick Afghan shepherd prepares his baaing flock for a good shear.. But although 29-year-old Suleyman Ezam had not seen his Afghan wife and two little children for four years, says he will miss working as a shepherd in the Turkish mountains with his dogs.

Google to delete user location history on US abortion clinic visits

Google announced Friday it would delete users' location history when they visit abortion clinics, domestic violence shelters and other places where privacy is sought.. "If our systems identify that someone has visited one of these places, we will delete these entries from Location History soon after they visit," Jen Fitzpatrick, a senior vice president at Google, wrote in a blog post.

Kerry vows US to meet climate goal despite court setback

US climate envoy John Kerry vowed Friday the United States will meet goals it submitted to the United Nations on slashing greenhouse gas emissions, despite a Supreme Court ruling that curtailed the government's powers.. We can achieve our goals," Kerry told AFP. "But obviously it would help if we had a majority of the Supreme Court in the United States of America that actually understood the gravity of the situation and was more willing to try to be helpful rather than present a hurdle of one kind or another," he said.

Australia PM hails 'new start' in ties with France

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed a "new start" in relations with France as he met President Emmanuel Macron in Paris on Friday, after an acrimonious row between the countries over a submarine contract last year.. Macron was left furious last year after Morrison secretly negotiated to buy US-designed submarines and then ditched a landmark contract with France signed in 2016 and worth Aus$50 billion (33 billion euros) at the time.

UNESCO inscribes Ukrainian borshch soup as endangered heritage

The UN's cultural agency on Friday inscribed the culture of cooking borshch soup in Ukraine on its list of endangered cultural heritage, in a move urged by Kyiv but vehemently opposed by Moscow.. The culture of Ukrainian borshch cooking "was today inscribed on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage in need of urgent safeguarding" by a UNESCO committee.

UK PM back in crisis mode after foreign tour

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned Friday from an overseas tour to face multiple crises, including the latest resignation of a senior Conservative from his scandal-hit government.. It leaves Johnson with another post to fill in his senior ranks after the Conservatives' chairman quit in response to two bruising by-election defeats, including the one in Parish's seat.

Strikes kill 18 in Ukraine's Odessa

Missile strikes killed 18 people and wounded dozens in Ukraine's Odessa region Friday, a day after Russian troops abandoned positions on a strategic island in a major setback to the Kremlin's invasion. . - Anti-corruption reforms - Friday's attacks came a day after Russian troops abandoned their positions on Snake Island, off the coast of Odessa.